Monday, February 18, 2008

Bejeweled and Bedazzled

We never tire of hearing, "I feel like a kid in a candy store!" uttered by our visitors when they see our selection of art jewelry. We certainly agree - we have loads of gorgeous goodies on display, including fabulous new creations by two new designers and one that we've displayed for years.

Necklace by Jackie Jones
Citrine, tiger's eye, and carnelian

Our first new jewelry designer, Jackie Jones began designing her one-of-a-kind necklaces out of a frustration with the lack of bold jewelry on the market. She's created some incredible pieces. Fashion designer Sue Wong thinks so as well - she's chosen Jackie's jewelry collection to accompany her creations down the runway at Los Angeles Fashion Week three times! Jackie's inspiration largely comes from the semi-precious gemstones she works with and their endless possibilities of combinations. Dramatic is the word that comes to mind when describing Jackie's creations.

Earrings by Betty's Beads
Swarovski crystals,
fresh water pearls, quartz

Also new to Chemers Gallery is Betty of Betty's Beads. She has been creating her delicately feminine accessories for over ten years. She uses a combination of Swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls, quartz and other semi-precious stones in her beautiful designs. Betty incorporated her jewelry into her clothing and accessory boutiques, and soon discovered a growing demand for her pieces. She and her husband began marketing her designs to upscale southern Californian boutiques, and thus, Betty's Beads was born. She eventually closed her shops and focused solely on her jewelry creations. We are delighted to have these graceful,
well-priced designs

Necklace by Ayala Bar
Fabric, glass beads, crystal rhinestones

As many of you know, Israeli artist, Ayala Bar changes her entire collection twice a year making every piece of jewelry a limited edition. We have just received her 2008 Spring/Summer collection and it is the best ever! Unique to this year's collection is Ayala's combination of fabrics with her stunning, beaded silver designs. Each handcrafted item is highly intricate, resembling a tiny wearable mosaic. In 2005 she won the Best Collection award in Bijorcha, Paris. The above necklace is part of her new Classic Collection, Morning Dew series. Her focus for this collection are fresh summer hues and delicate refinement.

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Come into Chemers Gallery to see these
and other stunning accessories for yourself!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mary Aslin - In the Classical Tradition

Chemers Gallery is happy to present beautiful pastel work our newest artist, Mary Aslin. Mary lives in southern California, painting still life, plein air, and figurative work. The subjects in her pastels seem lit from within, much like Mary herself!

11 x 14"

"Sunstruck," recently received 5th Place in the Still Life category in The Pastel Journal's Annual Pastel 100 Competition, of which over 5000 pieces were received for five categories. "Sunstruck" and Mary Aslin will be presented in the April 2008 issue of The Pastel Journal! Come in to Chemers Gallery to see this gorgeous piece in person.

"Orchids and Hydrangeas"
19 x 25"

Mary's work highlights the details stunningly, from the iridescence of the hydrangea petals to the reflections in the vase. Those grapes look good enough to eat! Mary characteristically draws the attention into the foreground of each image, bathing it in light, while shadows warmly darken her backgrounds. During the editing of this post, one of our dear customers fell in love with "Orchids and Hydrangeas" and decided to give it a good home!

24 x 18"

"Serenade" highlights the quiet reflection found in life's little pleasures, as in the enjoyment of music. Mary has artistically arranged her flowers around sheet music and a flute, giving the impression that the musician has just taken a break from practicing. It's an intimate portrait of a serene moment in time.

"Serenade" has personal meaning to Mary, "I used to play this flute, but there are only so many creative hours in the day. The use of my flute in the still life is an attempt to keep that musical muse in the forefront."

The joy Mary feels for her creativity is self-evident. "I tell myself to breathe deeply, be calm, and to be a channel - simply a vehicle - for the expression that will follow. And then I utter a humble prayer of thanksgiving for the privilege of this calling."

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Evocative Paintings by Carol Jessen

San Francisco-based artist Carol Jessen has spent the last fifteen years developing her unique creative vision. She achieves her signature vibrant colors with a slow buildup of pigment, whether through paint on canvas or soft pastels on archival vegetable fiber paper. Carol also uses the art of Japanese woodblock printing, which she studied intensively in Japan under Toshi Yoshida, renowned Japanese woodblock artist.

We are excited to have six new works on canvas by Carol, at last! Carol's work is in such demand, we only are able to coerce her into relinquishing her babies every six months.

"Neon Rain"
20 x 20"

Works like "Neon Rain" depict a rainy evening in the city, a motif for which Carol is well-known. A delightfully surprising reaction to her rainy work is how bright and cheerful they are. The lights from the buildings and shop windows seem to dance off the puddles on the sidewalk in joyful celebration. Her rain scenes can also be moody and muted, but we never find them dank and depressing.

"Afternoon Glow, San Francisco"
24 x 36"

Another wonderful surprise from Carol Jessen is "Afternoon Glow, San Francisco". A significant contrast to her paintings of rain and umbrellas, this piece evokes the late afternoon sunlight as it glances off the buildings and the fog as it begins to roll in from the bay. Carol has captured the unique San Francisco light perfectly. We've been begging her for this new style for a year. Thank you, Carol, we love it!

Carol Jessen's work is collected and exhibited worldwide. In addition to creating her stunning cityscapes, Carol also lectures and demonstrates Japanese woodblock technique at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum, the Palace of Legion of Honor in San Francisco, and at Stanford University. She exhibits regularly at Chemers Gallery. Be sure to keep an eye out for a show featuring Carol in 2009!

Check out our website at for more images.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

FRAME DESIGN, Handcarved Frame

Custom Frame Designs with Hand Carved Frames

Motawi Songbird Tiles
Discerning customers, Rich & Marie, have been clients of ours for many years. Everything in their beautiful Laguna Beach, "Arts & Crafts" home is as authentic as possible, including picture frames. Our large selection of hand crafted frames is one reason they come to Chemers Gallery. Rich & Marie brought in these charming Motawi tiles to select framing that would compliment their decor. The tiles are floated on a black leather fabric recessed background. The "Arts and Crafts" style frame is hand carved and finished in a dark walnut to a rich luster. It turned out beautifully! Notice how the tiles and frame become one cohesive unit.

Close up of "Cross Corner" pattern

Original Children's Book Illustration by Winslow Pels
click to enlarge

Many of you know about our Annual Children's Book Illustration Show now in it's 16th year. This unusual art is an original children's book illustration by Winslow Pels, which was used for the cover of "Iron John" published by Morrow Junior 1999.

We have so much fun designing framing with Richard & Suzanne. Their goal is always to enhance the art and create a statement. Sometimes it's treasured art that they've owned for awhile or a painting created by their talented daughter. Sometimes it's a piece that they've chosen at Chemers Gallery like the one shown above.

They chose a hand carved "Arts and Crafts" frame finished in a light walnut with black accents. A suede mat with a subtle gold filet adds the finishing touch. The results are WOW! We'll show you some of their other outrageous designs in future posts.

close up of corner motif

Below are a few similar designs. Come into the gallery and see our great selection of "Arts & Crafts" frames.

click image for larger view

Chemers Gallery has a huge selection of unique custom frame samples in many styles, finishes and price ranges. We'll help you choose the perfect frame for your art and personal taste.


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