Saturday, February 2, 2008

Evocative Paintings by Carol Jessen

San Francisco-based artist Carol Jessen has spent the last fifteen years developing her unique creative vision. She achieves her signature vibrant colors with a slow buildup of pigment, whether through paint on canvas or soft pastels on archival vegetable fiber paper. Carol also uses the art of Japanese woodblock printing, which she studied intensively in Japan under Toshi Yoshida, renowned Japanese woodblock artist.

We are excited to have six new works on canvas by Carol, at last! Carol's work is in such demand, we only are able to coerce her into relinquishing her babies every six months.

"Neon Rain"
20 x 20"

Works like "Neon Rain" depict a rainy evening in the city, a motif for which Carol is well-known. A delightfully surprising reaction to her rainy work is how bright and cheerful they are. The lights from the buildings and shop windows seem to dance off the puddles on the sidewalk in joyful celebration. Her rain scenes can also be moody and muted, but we never find them dank and depressing.

"Afternoon Glow, San Francisco"
24 x 36"

Another wonderful surprise from Carol Jessen is "Afternoon Glow, San Francisco". A significant contrast to her paintings of rain and umbrellas, this piece evokes the late afternoon sunlight as it glances off the buildings and the fog as it begins to roll in from the bay. Carol has captured the unique San Francisco light perfectly. We've been begging her for this new style for a year. Thank you, Carol, we love it!

Carol Jessen's work is collected and exhibited worldwide. In addition to creating her stunning cityscapes, Carol also lectures and demonstrates Japanese woodblock technique at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum, the Palace of Legion of Honor in San Francisco, and at Stanford University. She exhibits regularly at Chemers Gallery. Be sure to keep an eye out for a show featuring Carol in 2009!

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