Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Frame Design - Custom Frame for Unique Art Technique

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Take a close look at this exquisite embroidery by one of our valued clients, Donelda. She was inspired by a beautiful scene in south east Arizona near Patagonia. What an inspiration to express her creativity from a photo of this favorite scene.

This triptych was created in two layers. The top layer has an autumn tree and foreground stitched on sheer blue fabric in three sections. The bottom layer is one piece with embroidered wispy, white clouds on a pale blue fabric.

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Donelda honored Chemers Gallery by giving us the opportunity to frame this work of art. We chose a narrow champagne gold frame to fit in with the simple lines in her home. As Donelda took great care to embroider on two pieces of fabric to create distance, we needed to lay down the background and individually stretch the three portions of the foreground to create space between the top and bottom layers.

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You will notice how the texture of the earthy silk mat and fine accent with a hand painted gold lip add depth and a soft sparkle complimenting the highlights in the art.

Complicated Frame Design? No Problem!
Come in to the gallery to see our vast selection of frames.
We will work with you to find the perfect frame design for your art.

Next week look for an example frame design making use of our
arts and crafts line of hand carved custom mouldings.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Look at Kent Kahlen

"Flattened Cylinder Red Vase"
6 x 10"

Kahlen happened upon glass blowing on his way to becoming a chiropractor in 1988, and hasn't looked back. He found his true passion within the arts rather than medicine, and pursued an apprenticeship with a master glass artist from Los Angeles.

"Blue Gold Paperweight"
4 x 4"

The continuous challenges involved in the process of blowing glass is what has inspired Kahlen to keep working and addressing new thoughts and ideas within his work. From classic vases and goblets to his self-termed "anti-bottles," Kahlen has explored a variety of avenues.

"Confetti Tumbler"
3 x 6"

Since beginning his glass career, Kahlen has been involved in numerous exhibitions around southern California and the United States. Kent Kahlen's experience is as rich an varied as his beautiful art glass. Come into Chemers Gallery to view his functional and decorative work.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Works by Max Rodriguez

Two new mixed-media works by painter Max Rodriguez have just arrived! The artist explains the images below:

"A Birthday Wish"
24 x 30"

"This girl reminds me of my childhood in Cuba, and the simple birthday parties I had. What would an impoverished girl wish for for her birthday? Maybe the new dress and bow are enough? Her shoes are old but are still her best shoes. The gift of the fan allows her to imagine a different world where she is allowed to dream. But is it a happy world? Is there a happy future for her? I've used sepia tones and vintage imagery like an old photograph, with tears and creases, to depict the nostalgia of the time. At this moment, she is content to pose for the camera, with her new fan and birthday cake."

"Dress Rehearsal"
24 x 30"

"Children in Cuba are introduced to the arts at an early age. It may be their only escape from a life of repression and poverty. This girl represents to me the innocence of make-believe. The dress, the costume, the state all allow her to pretend she is someone else, and escape to somewhere else. This painting is also done in the old-fashioned photographic style as a way to convey the 'tinted veil' which I see overlaying the harsh reality of the times. I also like how photographs stop time and make the viewer wonder what happened to this person - How did she grow up? Did she become an actress, or did she end up working in a factory job like so many in Cuba? But for now she is suspended in time - with a hopeful future ahead."


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