Friday, October 28, 2011

Come for the Art & Books and Stay All Day!

Ronald Himler speaking at the 18th Annual Children's Book Illustration Show, 2009

Don't forget to mark your calenders! The 20th Annual Children's Book Illustration Art Show & Book Signing is fast approaching, and we don't want you to miss out! It all happens Saturday, December 3, 1 - 5pm.

Schedule of
Talks & Demonstrations by the Illustrators & Authors

1:45 Rueben Martinez: "Once Upon a Time: My Story"
2:10 Raul Colon: "Art Think & Picture Books"
2:35 Robin Preiss Glasser: "Putting It Together"
3:00 Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher: "Collaboration: Q & A"
3:25 Elisa Kleven: "From Scribbles & Scraps to Magic"
3:50 Mary GrandPre: "Creating Characters: Secrets Revealed"

While you're picking up your signed books, meeting the artists and viewing the original illustrations adorning our walls, why not pop out our back door and spend some time listening to your favorite illustrators & authors speak?

Do you have questions for Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher about what it's like to work on the same illustrations together? Have you ever wondered who inspired Robin Preiss Glasser's interpretation of Fancy Nancy or how Mary GrandPre brought Harry Potter to life? Are you curious about how and why local entreprenuer and author Rueben Martinez bridged the gap from running a barber shop in downtown Santa Ana to owning a bookstore? Do Elisa Kleven's intricate illustrations leave you begging to know just how she does it? Ever thought about how Raul Colon's art & picture books go hand in hand? Now's your chance to get the answer to these questions and more!

Lectures and presentations are free of charge and open to everyone.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jewelry Worth Falling For

Our jewelry counters and cases are overflowing with gorgeous new designs from some of your favorite jewelry artists. Hurry in to check out the latest from Ayala Bar, Angie Olami and Anne Koplik!

Fall in love with the new collection of necklaces and earrings from Ayala Bar!

Dazzling earrings and bold necklaces in bright colors and patterns make up the latest of Ayala Bar's 2011 Fall/Winter Collection. The Israeli artist redesigns her line every six months, making her a very busy lady who is always on top of the trends. Her background in theater and interior design give her jewels a dramatic flair. Ayala favors glass beads, Swarovski crystals, mineral stones and fabric in her stunning limited edition creations.

Step back in time with Angie Olami's sterling silver and Roman glass adornments!

Travel-lover Angie Atkins uses Roman glass that is 2,000 years old in her sophisticated designs. Every piece she fashions is based on artifacts and drawings from ancient times, which perfectly complements her use of hand-cut timeworn glass. Angie is influenced by her time spent traveling through Israel, Greece and Italy and studying the cultures of Mesopotamia and medieval Florence. Her line of Angie Olami jewelry utilizes findings from the Roman Empire that were unearthed in Israel at ancient city sites.

Find vintage-inspired elegance with Anne Koplik!

Swarovski crystals, vintage and reproduction glass abound in Anne Koplik's adornments. Hand-crafted in the USA, these beautiful baubles are designed with a nod to the jewelry of old. Every piece is given an antiqued finish for a softer vintage appearance. If you watch Dancing With the Stars, you've probably seen some of Anne's creations sparkling away on the dancers! Whether it's Arts & Crafts style dragonflies you love or hand-enameled filigree you crave, Anne Koplik has it all.

Don't forget that the artwork & books for our 20th Annual Children's Book Illustration Art Show & Book Signing are available from now until November 26th! Come in for a first look at the artwork from Elisa Kleven, Raul Colon, Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher, Mary Grandpre and Robin Preiss Glasser and pick out a few books while you're here! Can't decide? We can help with book recommendations. Follow this link for more information.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Save the Date for the Children's Book Illustration Event of the Century!

What do princesses made of paper, wizards with wands, Mudville, a long-haired maiden locked in a tower and fancy little girls have in common?

Chemers Gallery & our

20th Annual Children's Book Illustration Art Show &
Book Signing

Saturday, December 3, 2011, 1 - 5pm
show continues through Dec. 17th
Benefiting Chapman University College of Educational Studies K-12 Literacy Programs

Featuring a "Rock Star" selection of past show favorites:

Robin Preiss Glasser
illustrator of the Fancy Nancy series

Mary GrandPre
illustrator of the Harry Potter books

Raul Colon
together with local author & bookstore owner Rueben Martinez
2003, 2007

Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher
ever popular husband & wife illustration team
2003, 2007

Elisa Kleven
author/illustrator of The Paper Princess books
1993, 2001, 2008

Oh em gee, you guys, this one's gonna be HUGE!

Pre-sales of more than 40 books and over 200 original illustrations will begin Oct. 1st and will last until each illustrator has pre-sold 200 books or Nov. 26th, whichever comes first.

1st Time Ever - original illustrations from the Fancy Nancy books are available exclusively at Chemers Gallery!

Stay for the whole day to hear your favorities talk about their books and demonstrate their talents! Plus, there will be face painting, balloon art and more for the kids!

Chemers Gallery is now the only place in California where you can view and purchase original children's book illustrations, perhaps even the only place on the west coast.

Click HERE for the 2011 Book List.

***Only books purchased at Chemers Gallery may be signed.***

Stay tuned for periodic updates of event details!

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2011 Book List

20th Annual Children's Book Illustration
Art Show & Book Signing

Chemers Gallery
Saturday, December 3rd 2011 1:00 - 5:00pm
Benefiting Chapman University College of Educational Studies K-12 Literacy Programs
Show continues through Dec. 17th

Featuring renowned illustrators
Raul Colon | Robin Preiss Glasser | Mary Grandpre
Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher | Elisa Kleven

Over 50 books and over 300 original illustrations are now available for pre-sale until November 26th or until each illustrator has sold 200 books, whichever comes first! Although we always have books at the opening, many of you like to pre-select and avoid the crowds. Pre-order by November 26th and we'll take care of having your books signed and dedicated for you by the illustrators. You can pick up your books at the show or any time after at your convenience.

View all of the original illustrations on our website by clicking the artist's names below, or come in to see them in person!

For more details about the show, click HERE.

Please note: Signing only for books purchased at Chemers Gallery

Book list subject to change

Raul Colon
Alicia Alonso: Prima Ballerina.....Ages 4-8.....$19.99
Child of the Civil Rights Movement.....Ages 4-8.....$17.99
As Good As Anybody.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99
Goodbye Havana, Hola New York.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99
How to Bake an American Pie.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99
Mightier Than the Sword.....Ages 8-12.....$20.00
Once Upon a Time (bi-lingual).....Ages 5+.....$19.99

Robin Preiss Glasser
Absolutely, Positively Alexander.....Ages 4-8.....$22.95
Tea For Ruby.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99
Fancy Nancy series:
Aspiring Artist.....Ages 4-7.....$12.99
Bonjour Butterfly.....Ages 4-7.....$17.99
Explorer Extraordinaire.....Ages 4-7.....$12.99
Fabulous Fashion Boutique.....Ages 4-7.....$17.99
Fancy Nancy.....Ages 4-7.....$17.99
Favorite Fancy Words.....Ages 4-7.....$12.99
Ooh La La! It's Beauty Day.....Ages 4-7.....$12.99
Poet Extraordinaire.....Ages 4-7.....$12.99
Posh Puppy.....Ages 4-7.....$17.99
Splendiferous Christmas.....Ages 4-7.....$17.99
Stellar Stargazer.....Ages 4-7.....$12.99
Tea Parties.....Ages 4-7.....$12.99
Fancy Nancy I Can Read series:
100th Day of School.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99
Boy From Paris.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99
Dazzling Book Report.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99
Hair Dos & Hair Don'ts.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99
At the Museum.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99

Mary Grandpre
Aunt Claire's Yellow Beehive Hair.....Ages 4-8.....$15.95
The Blue Shoe.....Ages 8+.....$16.99
Carnival of the Animals.....Ages 4-8.....$19.99
How the Leopard Got His Claws.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99
Lucia and the Light.....Ages 5+.....$16.99
Nancy and Plum.....Ages 9-12.....$15.99
The Sea Chest.....Ages 4+.....$16.99
Harry Potter Series:
The Sorcerer's Stone, Special Anniversary Edition.....Ages 7+.....$30.00
The Sorcerer's Stone.....Ages 7+.....$24.99
The Chamber of Secrets.....Ages 8+.....$24.99
The Prisoner of Azkaban.....Ages 8+.....$24.99
The Goblet of Fire.....Ages 8+.....$25.95
The Order of the Phoenix.....Ages 9+.....$29.99
The Half-Blood Prince.....Ages 9+.....$29.99
The Deathly Hallows.....Ages 9+.....$34.99

Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher
Amazing Peace.....Ages 4+.....$17.99
Anytime, Anywhere.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99 *LIMITED QUANTITIES*
Boy Named FDR.....Ages 9-12.....$17.99
Bugtown Boogie.....Ages 3-8.....$16.99
Casey Back at Bat.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99
The First Night.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99
For the Love of Music.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99
Goyangi Means Cat.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99
Jim Henson: The Guy Who Played With Puppets.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99
The King's Taster.....Ages 4-8.....$17.99
Listen to the Silent Night.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99
Sunday is for God.....Ages 3-8.....$17.99
What a Good Big Brother.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99

Elisa Kleven
The Apple Doll.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99
A Carousel Tale.....Ages 4-8.....$15.99
The Friendship Wish.....Ages 4-8.....$17.99
One Little Chicken.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99
The Paper Princess.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99
The Weaver.....Ages 4-8.....$16.99
Welcome Home, Mouse.....Ages 4-8.....$15.99
Wish.....Ages 4+.....$16.99

For Older Readers:
Mightier Than the Sword.....illustrated by Raul Colon
Once Upon a Time.....illustrated by Raul Colon
The Blue Shoe.....illustrated by Mary Grandpre
The Harry Potter series.....illustrated by Mary Grandpre
Nancy and Plum.....illustrated by Mary Grandpre

Holiday Books:
Splendiferous Christmas.....illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser
Amazing Peace.....illustrated by Johnson & Fancher
The First Night.....illustrated by Johnson & Fancher
Listen to the Silent Night.....illustrated by Johnson & Fancher

Biographical, Historical & Cultural Books:
Alicia Alonso: Prima Ballerina.....illustrated by Raul Colon
Child of the Civil Rights Movement.....illustrated by Raul Colon
As Good As Anybody.....illustrated by Raul Colon
Goodbye Havana, Hola New York.....illustrated by Raul Colon
A Boy Named FDR.....illustrated by Johnson & Fancher
For the Love of Music.....illustrated by Johnson & Fancher
Goyangi Means Cat.....illustrated by Johnson & Fancher
Jim Henson: The Guy Who Played with Puppets.....illustrated by Johnson & Fancher
Wish.....illustrated by Elisa Kleven


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