Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lilia Venier - Not Just Another Ceramic Bowl

Carved Stoneware
Lilia Venier

Ceramicist Lilia Venier is warm, bubbly, and enthusiastic. Her love and passion for the art of ceramics is clear from the way she describes her pieces to the intricate work itself. Lilia says that working with clay has been the most wonderful experience of her life.

Good Friends
Carved Earthenware
Lilia Venier

Lilia came to the US from Mexico, where she earned a degree in Business Administration. She then completed her certificate in International Business at Glendale College, where she enrolled in a design class "just to check if I had any talent in this area." Lilia certainly does possess artistic talent, which she was able to explore further in a ceramics class. "Ceramics has given me the opportunity to express my ideas and creativity in a different way. I create pieces that have a variety of colors, textures, interesting shapes and carvings which I especially enjoy."

Quinceanera Teapot
Handbuilt, Carved Stoneware
Lilia Venier

Both whimsical and functional, Lilia creates wonderful ceramic works that play with the imagination through the use of combining different techniques. "To focus on just one technique would be boring for me."

Click HERE to see examples of Lilia's other fantastic creations. Thirteen new pieces are available. Come by Chemers Gallery Saturday, September 27th to see her new work and enjoy some refreshments. While you're here, take a few moments to enjoy our newly hung walls with lots of new artists and older favorites.

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NEW Artist, Lilia Venier

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Sneak Peek at Jacqueline and Stacy Kamin!

Spray of Pink
Jacqueline Kamin

Don't forget that CHEMERS GALLERY is hosting an intimate reception this Wednesday, September 17th for artists Jacqueline Kamin and Stacy Kamin! Jacqueline's work has been off the market for the past two years, so we are honored and excited to be among the first to showcase her new work! Altogether we've received fourteen new paintings from Jackie, and over ten from Stacy.

Israel City Delivery
Stacy Kamin

Meet the Artists

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008



refreshments will be served

Please RSVP

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jacqueline Kamin and Stacy Kamin


_________Stacy Kamin___________Jacqueline Kamin_____

Jacqueline Kamin
Stacy Kamin

Meet the Artists
Wenesday, September 17th, 2008
refreshments will be served

Jacqueline Kamin has had a long relationship with Chemers Gallery; over 20 years, in fact. After closing her gallery, Jacquelin Kamin Fine Art, in Laguna Beach, Jackie chose us to represent her. We're happy to say the day has come that Jackie's work will be on display at CHEMERS GALLERY! We're also pleased to introduce Jacqueline's daughter, Stacy Kamin, accomplished in impressionistic style painting as well. We hope you'll come and celebrate with us as these two fine artists begin a new relationship with CHEMERS GALLERY.

Jacqueline Kamin
peaches and yellow roses close up Born in 1950 in Washington, D.C., Jacqueline Kamin received her formal art education from the Corcoran Museum School in her native town, and later attended the Art Students League and the Sculpture Studio, both in New York City.

Some of her many awards include first place in the landscape category presented by the Coastline Community in 1992, an honorable mention from the California Art Club 89th Annual Gold Medal Exhibition, First Place for Still Life at the 3rd Annual California Autumn Salon in 2002 and an honorable mention from the 'Sights of Santa Ana Invitational' held at the Bowers Museum in 2004.

Recent exhibits include: The Annual California Autumn Salon in Beverly Hills , The 23rd Annual Juried Non-Members Exhibition at The Salmagundi Club, NYC, America's oldest art club, leading to her membership; and the 92nd Annual California Art Club Exhibition at the Pasadena Historical Museum . Jacqueline teaches at workshops run by the Academy of Figurative Art in Los Angeles, and in 2006 was included in the Art Competition and Exhibition sponsored by the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation, where she won the Juror's Choice Award.

Jacqueline Kamin is a member of the Oil Painters of America, the California Art Club, where she serves on the Board of Advisors, and the Salmagundi Club.
Stacy Kamin
Three Chefs Stacy Kamin
Stacy Kamin began painting during her childhood in Washington D.C. She graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco and continues her studies under the Chinese Master Shuqaio Zhou, and her mother, American Impressionist Jacqueline Kamin. She also travels to various workshops under such American Masters as David Leffel and Sherrie McGraw.

Kamin's style is reminiscent of the still life paintings by the 19th century master Henri Fantin-Latour, appearing delicate, uncluttered and austere, despite her thick paint, wide strokes and richly textured canvas or board. The underlying energy of each work excites us like the abstract expressionist paintings of Franz Kline. Youth, talent, training, and a mixture of artistic heritage make Kamin's works not only fresh and exciting, but also entrenched in the rich history of art.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Thanks for a Great Opening Night!

Bowl on Three Legs
Jane Nishii

Thanks to everyone who attended the opening night of SAC Clay: Invitational Show of Faculty and Student Work on Saturday night! We had a great turnout of ceramics admirers and enthusiasts. Each piece has its own special and unique quality, and altogether made for a wonderfully varied show. A late addition is Jane Nishii's piece Bowl on Three Legs, which she brought to serve salad out of at the opening! The salad was awsome too!

Zen Rock Vase
Karl Tani
This piece has been sold, but you can still come in to appreciate it and check out Karl's other work!

Thirteen pieces sold by the end of the night, including three by Karl Tani, who was so appreciative of the response. He combines found objects like rocks and driftwood with ceramics to create unique vases. He's also made a series of "imperfect" bowls with bold glazing choices. We just can't get enough!

Our show features works by ceramics instructors and selected advance-level students, including Chemers Gallery veterans Patrick Crabb, Grace Chang and Tim Keenan.

Below are samples of other student's work and artist's statements:

Cathy Eriksen I designed a “Goal-Oriented” idea consisting of 4 pieces: Base, Target, Self Figure, Arrow. I included my love of tile mosaics on the base. All tiles were glazed and fired, then broken into pieces to create the mosaic. It represents the many pieces needed to attain the targeted goal. The “self” figure has a big heart and big eye. To be “targeted” I need to keep an open mind, open heart, and open eyes to make it through any changes to finish the goal. The figure’s head is a filmstrip denoting “pictures in my mind” to help visualize the goal. The arrow and plaster base are purchased items that have been slightly altered and acrylic painted.

Debbie Kupinsky Through the use and transformation of figurines, dolls and other sentimentalized objects or images I am putting the ideal of the sentimental against the grotesque. I am especially influenced by figurines and how they straddle the space between the intimate and domestic and sculpture. My work is both familiar and strange as it echoes the everyday world while remaking it in an unexpected way so that the pieces suggest fragility, sentimentality and nostalgia.

Scott B. Young The “profile” slab mask is inspired by Hawaiian “Tiki” sculptures; ceramic artist Rudy Autio's “ears” on his sculptural vessels and artist Akio Takamori's brushwork on his figurative vessels and sculpture. Scott’s 3-piece slab masks are assembled together at the leather hard stage. He uses only his hands and fingers as the tools to push in, stretch out and fold in the slab to fabricate the facial features of each mask expression. There's no adding of clay to create the facial features.

“I like to people watch and in my observations I try to capture those facial expressions that we see and confront in our everyday life.”

SAC Clay: Invitational Show of Faculty and Student Work will be on show until September 20th.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

SAC Clay - Invitational Show of Faculty and Student Work

A Woman's Masks - Inside and Out
Connie Major

Santa Ana College (SAC) under the guidance of Professor Patrick S. Crabb presents the best of clay forms by current/former faculty and advance-level students

September 6-20, 2008

Opening Reception:
September 6, 2008
5:00 - 8:00 PM

Chemers Gallery
17300 17th Street, #G
Tustin CA 92780

Gallery Hours:
Monday - Friday 10:00AM-6:00PM
Saturday 10:00AM-5:00PM


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