Saturday, January 7, 2012

How About a Li'l Shugah?

Artisan Faire

Saturday, February 4th 2012, 1p - 5p
Pick up a little treatie for your sweetie, or yourself!

The Eye Candy Jewelry Trunk show has taken on a life of its own and has grown into something so much more than just jewelry! We've added ceramics and textile art, too. And, our jewelry list just keeps growing and growing.

Michelene Berkey
Michelene Berkey is flying all the way from Colorado to share her latest delicacies with YOU! Her signature ingredients of silver, gold, semi-precious stones and pearls produce tasty results. For the nature-lover, Michelene's twig rings, pendants and bangles are always a hit. Her popular concoctions of twigs and bees even serves to raise money to help save the bees. How sweet is that? She tells us she has some great new creations.

Joanna Craft
Using elements influenced by the far east, Joanna Craft cooks up baubles of decorative papers and textiles mixed with resin and sterling silver elements. Joanna makes all of her settings herself and even hand-fabricates many of her chains. Also working in mixed metals, Joanna's designs appeal to the contemporary. She has enough ingredients in her lineup to help you create your own custom recipie.

Amy Kekst
Serving up an ecclectic fare of gemstones, crystals, one-of-a-kind vintage elements and chains, Amy Kekst takes the cake! Her line is constantly changing and evolving to ensure she's always at the top of the trends. Her newest morsels feature silver chain mesh and fringe mixed with stones that sparkle and shine.

New designer to Chemers Gallery, Miranda Konstantinid of Konplott uses crystals, pearls, glass and metal to create jewelry that is "free of material limitations." Miranda lives and works in Germany and her appetizing goodies can be found in major cities around the world. Influenced by everything from tribal gowns, yoga and even archtecture, Konplott is sure to satisfy your more exotic moments.

Barbara Lanci
Feast your eyes on Barbara Lanci's bold treasures. This talented craftswoman works in fine silver, argentium and unique stones to deliver delectable results. Trained under master jewelers, Barbara continues to challenge herself to come up with dishes tastier than the last.

Hailing from San Francisco via Siberia, Mashka favors nuggets of 14k gold, copper, labradorite, black spinel, pyrite and more in her sophisticated creations. She mixes in gold, silver and oxidized silver to make her creations sing. Tailored to suit any palate, Mashka's trinkets are good enough to eat.

Ayala Bar
Enjoy the latest honeyed treasures from Israeli artist Ayala Bar. Her tiny wearable mosaics are crafted from beads, stones, fabrics and papers. As always, these limited edition pieces are available for only 6 months before the next collection is formed. Try on the latest goodies sent to us by this versatile artist while you ooh and aah with your gal pals!

Angie Olami
Like fine wine, some things only get better with age. That's why the 2,000 year old glass Angie Olami uses in her box of tricks is so divine! Angie Olami stirs in beads and semi-precious stones with her ancient glass and sets her treats in sterling silver. Every piece of glass is a delight to behold.

Maria Counts
San Diego artist Maria Counts uses candy-colored glazes to highten the sweetness of her thought provoking ceramic art. Her vessels, embossed kimonos, teapots and colorful characters are plentiful and are just the right trimming for your shelves, end tables or that special spot in your home or office. Maria's work ranges from whimsy to sophisticated and has continued to intrigue our clients.

Lisa Mertins
A woman of many talents, Lisa Mertins not only whips up intriguing ceramics, she's also a fine artist, jeweler and children's book illustrator! Never fully satisfied working in one single medium, Lisa brews clay, hand-stamped design and asymmetrical shapes to excite the senses. Her whimsical illustrations are part sketch, part monoprint and part watercolor. Come and see what Lisa has for you!

Mary Hammond
Creative designs in mouthwatering colors adorn Mary Hammond's delicately hand-sewn scarves. Created with fabric, thread, ribbon, sequins and trim, Mary's delicious handiwork is the perfect garnish for your tables, walls or that special outfit you need a little something for. Traveling from northern California, Mary is sure to have that certain something to spice up your wardrobe or your home.

Susan Horton
If it's fine woven scarves and shawls you've been craving, have we got a treat for you! Local weaver Susan Horton will be sharing her concoctions and even demonstrating how she cooks up her magical scarves and shawls. Utilizing ingredients of cotton, silk, wool and tencel, Susan's passion for weaving is evident in the fine work she produces.

A sampling from each artist is available online, but don't be fooled into thinking that's all we'll have for the show! Everyone is bringing a trunk-full of surprises and goodies for your enjoyment!

Not only will we be serving up sweet treats for your eyes, we'll also be serving sweet treats for your tummies. Come in to sample our wares and fares.

Even if sweetness isn't your thing, come on in to give Rita some birthday shugah - our artisan faire is being held on her special day!

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