Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Do We Have Something New For You!

Chemers Gallery has been busy busy busy the first part of 2013, bringing you unique shows, events, book signings and community projects. Now that we can catch our breath, here's a sampling of what's new!

New Artists!

Lorraine Bubar - Papercuts

Playing Outside, papercut by Lorraine Bubar

Lorraine Bubar was introduced to us by Karen's friend, Debbie N, who said "You must see her work!" And she was right! Lorraine is an artist who "paints" with paper and an x-acto knife. She brings a thoughtful consideration to her stunningly delicate papercuts, drawing upon the tradition of folk art found in the heritage of Eastern European Judaism. Each one of Lorraine's intricate images are made from layers of decorative papers that have been cut to create illusions of silhouettes, water and depth. Lorraine often incorporates animal imagery within her work to draw comparrison to old papercut designs that used animals for symbolic meaning. A motif she returns to again and again is the koi fish, which represents ambition, strength and good fortune. We think it was our good fortune to meet Lorraine and become familiar with her unique papercuts!

Richard Jones - Glass

Enso Bowl, glass by Richard Jones
Elegant, Asian-inspired lines feature in the refined glasswork of new artist Richard Jones. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, he founded Studio Paran in Wisconsin in 1989 with a passion and commitment to be present in his creative process. Richard strives to push forward and realize new ideas using ancient processes. He sees himself primarily as a craftsman and pours his heart and soul into his signature decorative yet functional designs. We see Richard as a talented glass artist who pairs refined colors and shapes to create something that is just oh-so-yummy to look at!

Johanna Westerman - Children's Book Illustration

Sweeping Under Carpet, watercolor by Johanna Westerman
Children's book illustrator Johanna Westerman has been drawing since the age of two, filling pages with castles, mermaids and fairy tale characters. Inspired at an early age by the lush animation of Walt Disney's Bambi, Johanna went on to study art at Scripps College and Rhode Island School of Design. Rich in color and filled with intricate details, her beautiful watercolor illustrations are filled with tiny brushstrokes and are saturated in color. Johanna finds herself attracted to the work and technique of the early Flemish masters and miniature paintings. Johanna's picture books include Mother Holly and Wynken, Blynken and Nod. A project that was especially dear to her heart was Mandy, written by Julie Andrews Edwards and one of Johanna's absolutely favorite books from childhood.

New Artwork!

Nick Capaci - Fused Glass

Square Plate in Olive, Grey & Blue, fused glass by Nick Capaci

You are probably familiar with the bold, geometric monotypes of printmaker Nick Capaci, but did you know he also works in fused glass? Nick has long been intrigued by glass as a medium and the challenges inherent in creating with this fluid material. He marries his love of two-dimensional painting and printmaking with his approach to glasswork. Nick's use of color and pattern translates beautifully between media. Looking closely at his functional and decorative plates and panels, you can see layer upon layer of color, pattern and design, an element also present in his fine art prints. Ranging from subtle, muted tones of translucent glass to bright eye-catching color, Nick's finished work is as unpredictable as the materials he favors.

Maria Counts - Ceramics

Blue-Eyed Lion Dragon, ceramic by Maria Counts
The ever-whimsical Maria Counts has been creating up a storm to keep up with our demands - we want more, we want more! Making everything from butter dishes topped with hearts and birds to vases with faces, hearts and flowers, sculptures of free-standing kimonos to clocks adorned with lovebirds and owls, Maria does it all. She's even created a selection of absolutely adorable ceramic heart fortune cookies! On a more serious side, her very latest, hot-off-the-press pieces are sculptural ceramic dragon sculptures. But, this is just a teaser because they're all sold! (You have to be quick on the draw with Linda around!) We just had to share this wonderful blue-eyed lion dragon with you since you can't come in and see it in person. Maria - will you pretty please make more? With sugar on top?

Robert Held - Glass

Glass heart paperweights by Robert Held

Longtime glass heart fave Robert Held has announced his retirement, much to our sadness and gladness. We couldn't be happier for Robert as he embarks on a new beginning, but we will miss his beautiful glass work! After 37 years in the industry he's decided that it's time to pursue his other art interests and move to be closer with his fiance. We've stocked up on his heart paperweights, elegant vases and bowls.  Hurry in to snap up your favorite heart designs before they're gone forever!

We have just a couple of precious weeks of calm before our next series of events - our annual Summer Artist Demonstrations during the Enderle Center Summer Concert series! Mark your calendars now so you don't miss out on meeting your favorite local painters and craftspeople at Chemers Gallery!

Enderle Center Summer Concert Series - every third Thursday, 5-8pm
June 20: Sligo Rags plays Celtic music
July 18: Hound Dog Dave & the Mel-Tones play blues music
Aug 15: The Wight Litening Band plays classic rock
Sept 19: Then Again plays oldies

Stay tuned for our list of demonstrating artists!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Cat's away - you know what that means!

The Happy End Party by Suzanne Duranceau

Karen's off for the long holiday weekend leaving Jennifer, Jan and Shirley to look after Chemers Gallery. What she doesn't know won't hurt her, so we're throwing a party - won't you come out and play? Join us on Saturday, May 25th for exclusive deals on artwork, jewelry and our special ceramics.

We'll have tickets for you to draw to receive a 10%, 15% or 20% discount off your purchase on that day. The discount will be given on everything except our framing.  But, never fear, we're doing a separate discount on custom framing on Saturday! Plus, we'll enter your name in a drawing to win a $100 gift certificate!

See you Saturday, and remember - don't tell Karen! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Viewpoints from Far and Wide

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Viewpoints Artist Reception on Saturday! We had a great time and hope you did, too! We had a packed house and lots of happy, smiling faces. Just take a look at some of the pictures of the night, courtesy of Sharyn Sakimoto (an a couple by Jennifer!):

Just look at all the people!

Gazing at Jim Wodark's 1st Place painting, Eucalyptus Evening

Artists Kim VanDerHoek and Greg LaRock listening to the awards presentation

Marsha Lindsey, TAL president, presenting the awards

The attentive crowd included artists Janis Hunter, Beverly Weber-Fow, Dori Dewberry, Dana Cooper, Sandra Morrison and Janel Pahl

Marsha and Rick Delanty, who won Honorable Mention Professional for his painting Dream at Crystal Cove

Marsha, Karen and Jim Wodark, winner of 1st Place Professional
Painter Ian Montelongo with his mom, jewelry artist Soraya Montelongo

Artists Jonde Northcutt, Beverly Weber-Fow and Nick Capaci

There are more pictures on our Facebook page - head on over and "like" us if you haven't already!

If you missed the opening on Saturday, don't sweat it! You can still view the show through May 11th. Don't forget to come this Saturday, May 4th at 2pm for a special "Judges Walk Through" with our juror, Mary Aslin. Mary will explain why she chose the prize-winning pieces and let us in on a few of her judges secrets.

First Place - Jim Wodark, oil painting
Second Place - April Raber, oil painting
Third Place - Greg LaRock, oil painting
Honorable Mention - Rick Delanty, acrylic painting
Honorable Mention - Kay Flierl, oil painting
Honorable Mention - Jennifer Geisert, photography
Honorable Mention - Julie Hill, watercolor
Honorable Mention - Rita Pacheco, oil painting

First Place - Max Ollendorff, oil painting
Second Place - Shelby Montelongo, photography
Third Place - Robert Ball, photography
Honorable Mention - Michelle Howard, watercolor


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