Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Go Ahead and Give Some Shugah!

Artisan Faire & More!
Saturday, February 9, 2013, 1-5pm

Eye Candy is back and better than ever! We are so excited for our 2013 show - we have familliar faces and new friends joining us this year. Our mix of jewelry designers, textile, ceramic and mixed media artists are sure to delight your senses and inspire your palate. Bring your gal pals or your favorite guy, and get ready to feast your eyes on our treats for the soul!

Updated Feb. 5th, 2013
Glass Seduction 
Nick Capaci - Just added!
Meet Nick and view his gorgeous new glass paintings! Using candy-hued rods and color fields, Nick fuses his glass at his home studio. Nick comes from a tradition of fine art printmaking and the graphic quality of his artwork carries over into his glass work. Learn with us how his technique is achieved this Saturday!

Craving Jewelry
Michelene Berkey
All the way from Colorado, Michelene is bringing a trunk-full of treats just for YOU! She cooks up tasty treats from her signature ingredients of silver, gold, semi-precious stones and pearls. Nature-lovers adore Michelene's twig rings, pendants and bangles. Her popular concoctions of twigs and bees even serves to raise money to help save the bees. How sweet is that? We hear she's been busy in the studio, whipping up new concoctions for us to sample.

Joanna Craft
Favored ingredients of mixed metals, decorative papers and resin are mixed together by Joanna to produce tasty tidbits with an eastern influence. Her decorative papers and textiles under resin are tantelizingly set off by the sterling silver settings she makes by hand.  Joanna's contemporary designs are most apparent in her metal work - she always gets the portions just right! Create your own custom recipie from Joanna's extensive list of fixings.

Amy Kekst
Gemstones, crystals, one-of-a-kind vintage elements and chains feature in Amy's mouthwatering morsels. Her eclectic selection of necklaces, earrings and bracelets change with the seasons - most recently she's served up mixed metal chains and nuggets paired with sparkley stones, and beads. Her selections for this year's show are sure to provide you with a buffet of choices!

Barbara Lanci
Always a feast for the eyes, Barbara's treasures are scrumptious! Her delicious earrings, bold cuffs and intricate necklaces are crafted entirely by hand from fine silver, argentium and unique stones. Trained under master jewelers, Barbara continues to challenge herself to come up with new dishes tastier than the last. She'll also create a personalized statement piece just for you!

Soraya Montelongo
Local gal Soraya labors over her delicious hand-beaded creations. This lady has an appetite for gemstones, beads and crystals in a luscious array of colors! A mostly self-taught artisan, Soraya's passion for creating is evident in her intricate designs. Come see her latest concoctions and find just the right one for yourself or a friend! (Fun fact: Did you know that Soraya is Ian Montelongo's mother? Guess talent runs in the family!)

Ayala Bar
Ah, Ayala, whose treats satisfy those decadent cravings for color and pattern! We're still riding high on the treasures she designed last season, and we are in love with Ayala's latest offerings. Her drool-worthy collections even come with food-inspired names this season, like Guacamole, Gazpacho and Sweet Clementine.  While Ayala won't be joining us, she will be sending a trunk-full of goodies in yummy fabrics, beads and charms for your enjoyment.

Miranda Konstantinid of Konplott uses crystals, pearls, glass and metal to create jewelry that is "free of material limitations." This talented designer whips up her creations in Germany and her delectable delicasies can be found all over the world. Miranda pulls her influence from everything from tribal gowns, yoga and even architecture. Her ever-evolving line of Konplott jewels is sure to satisfy your more exotic moments. We'll also miss seeing Miranda at the show, but rest assured she's sending plenty of fun fare to try.


 Suzay Cha - Just added!
As a professional chef, Suzay is no stranger to the art of taking basic ingredients and making something scrumptious! She also channels her creative juices into making unique clothing and jewelry - does this woman ever sleep? Suzay uses fabric, sequins, beads, crystals, yarn and vintage pieces to create something truly one-of-a-kind. We're so excited to share her quirky creations with you! Suzay will not only bring a feast for the eyes, she will also bring a feast for the tummy to share. We've heard rumors of mini tarts! How many different ways can you say "yummy?"

Mary Hammond
Garnish your tables, walls and body with Mary's delicately hand-sewen scarves. Created with unique fabrics, threads, ribbons and sequins in tempting colors and designs, each is unique and delicious to behold! Mary will be visiting us from northern California and will have a multitude of new exquisite designs. Mary is sure to have that certain something to spice up your wardrobe or your home.

Susan Horton
Cotton, silk, wool and tencel are key ingredients in Susan's fine woven scarves and shawls. If you're craving soothing colors and soft fibers, you'll flip over Susan's creations. You only need to watch her at her loom for a few minutes to realize that "perfection" is her middle name. Her enticing treats are just right for all seasons and are always in style.

Ann Justin
Friend and artist, Bonnie Holmes, turned us on to Ann and her soft, hand-knit Alpaca wool and pima cotton creations. Ann partners with her cousin in Bolivia to bring us beautiful knitted scarves and sweaters under their company name of Lalamilo. The team utilizes yummy colors ranging from muted hues to jewel-tones. Ann's ruffled scarves are delightfully unique and lightweight, perfect for our easy, breezy SoCal weather.

Passion for Clay
Maria Counts
Whimsical, sophisticated and intriguing ceramics from San Diego artist Maria are all the rage! Candy-colored glazes highlight her stunning designs. Maria's clocks, vessels, embossed kimonos, teapots and "Story Keeper" characters enhance any setting, from dining tables to bookshelves to home offices. Maria is always experimenting to whip up something new for you to savor!

Lisa Mertins
Intriguing ceramics, fine art, jewelry, children's book illustrations - is there anything Lisa can't do? This talented artist satisfies the whimsical palate with her stamped, fine-walled porcelain creations and asymmetrical shapes. Her illustrations and artwork are a mixture of watercolor, sketch and monoprint. Lisa prefers to work in as many mediums as possible. We can't wait to see what's next!

Mixed Media Mania
Suzanne Currie
Can you imagine anything more savory than pure, glossy color in organic shapes? Suzanne spices things up with her mixed media creations on board. Her small, one-of-a-kind contemporary images are bold statement makers! Suzanne stirs her creations into a frenzy of color using paint and magazine pages and finishes them off with a layer of epoxy resin to give them a sugar-coated gleam. Hailing all the way from the UK, Suzanne now calls our sunny shores of Orange County home.

Glass Seduction
Nick Capaci - Just added!
Meet Nick and view his gorgeous new glass paintings! Using candy-hued rods and color fields, Nick fuses his glass at his home studio. Nick comes from a tradition of fine art printmaking and the graphic quality of his artwork carries over into his glass work. Learn with us how his technique is achieved this Saturday!

A small sampling from each artist is available online, but don't worry - everything will be new on Feb. 9th! Each artist is bringing a trunk-full of new goodies! 

Don't forget - not only will we be serving up a feast for the eyes, we'll also be serving up a sweet feast for your tummies. So grab your girls or favorite guy and come spend the afternoon with us!


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