Friday, April 6, 2007


We've just recieved two limited edition necklaces designed by Ayala Bar from Isreal. They are spectacular!

Ayala Bar was born and presently resides in Isreal. Since graduating art school, she has worked in many artistic areas, from theater to interior design. In the late 1980's, she surfaced as a prominent Israeli jeweler. Her current designs blend natural elements and glass with assorted metals and fabrics to create a rich mosaic, resulting in the most intricate limited-edition pieces. Ayala Bar is an independently minded artist whose remarkable work shows strong skill in composition and innovative use of raw materials.

Personally designed by the artist, each Ayala Bar jewelry collection conveys a unique signature. Ayala Bar's Collection may be looked upon as the embodiment of her artistic evolution, displaying the current stage of her creative whereabouts. This fascination line draws from the colorful and the fantastic, featuring handcrafted collage like mosaics embedding metals with richly colored beads and stones.

See more at our website, and search "jewelry". We have additional pieces by Ayala Bar in the gallery. Special orders available also.

To read more about Ayala Bar, just follow these links:
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