Monday, June 23, 2008

California Landscape Artist John Sawyer

John Sawyer unassumingly came to Chemers Gallery to submit two paintings to our "Scenes of Tustin" exhibition a few months ago. Until then, he had never shown his work in a gallery setting. Not only were both of his paintings juried into the exhibition, but each won a blue ribbon in two separate divisions, and they were the first two from the show to sell. Since then, John continues to bring us stunning southern California landscapes that we're only too happy to accept.

Summer Day
John Sawyer

John has learned about painting mostly through years spent copying the paintings of the Masters. He confessed that he only began creating his own original pieces about a year ago. Summer Day is one of the most recent paintings he's brought to us. We just love the blue of his sky and the greens of his leaves. Photographs really don't do it justice, it's so much more impressive seen in person!

After the Rain
John Sawyer

John's oils bring to mind the paintings of the 1930's. Rita mentioned that his work reminds her of the artist Gustav Baumann. John's paintings also bring to mind stained glass with their black outlines. His colors are slightly muted with subtle pops of vibrancy, much like the desert landscapes of California. He captures the feel of the landscape perfectly, like in the above After the Rain. You can almost feel the cool breeze whispering though the eucalyptus leaves and smell the rain-soaked greenery. We've seen many people stopped in their tracks by John's beautiful pieces. We can't wait to see what's next for this talented painter!

Be sure to look at our website for more of John's work, or just come into Chemers Gallery! We'd be happy to show you what we have. Would you like to be notified when we have new work of John's, or any other artist? Just join our email list by clicking the link below, and be sure to mark John Sawyer as a preference. Remember, if you join by June 27th, we'll email you a printable coupon for $30* off your next purchase as a thank you!

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Maria Mayr, Contemporary Artist

Maria Mayr

Maria Mayr is one of Chemers Gallery's newest artists. We recently received eight new paintings by the German painter, each one brighter than the next. Maria's use of bright colors and playful composition is both refreshing and exciting. She loves to paint, and finds inspiration everywhere. Maria makes it a habit to paint daily to expand and explore her talents. In addition to painting, Maria has also developed her own style of intaglio monoprinting from experimenting in a variety of media. Summer shows Maria's innocent yet sophisticated color pallet and the unique sense of space she conveys in each piece. She creates a greater depth in her contemporary paintings with the use of three dimensional textures. You can't help but be happy when you look at her work - her fresh and vibrant colors brighten any dark mood.

Maria Mayr

Figs is part of Maria's fruit and vegetable still life series. Her relatively small canvases each show an enticing piece of food in all its glory, painted on a brightly textured background. They'd look great in a kitchen or dining room, hung alone on in a grouping. Each looks good enough to eat!

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary

As we celebrate CHEMERS GALLERY'S 30th year in business we'd like to put more into celebrating and less into postage and printing, so we're inviting you to join our email list and enjoy the special benefits exclusive to our email partners. Here are some examples:

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Joseph Stoddard - Architectural Artist

Chemers Gallery is home to an incredible array of artworks from many remarkable and talented artists. One of our newest additions to this family is Joseph Stoddard, a watercolorist who pushes the boundaries of the medium, and ultimately challenges what we as viewers think a watercolor painting is.

LA River Footbridge Triptych
Joseph Stoddard

Joseph started painting in watercolor while he was at art school in Denver, Colorado. Afterwards, he held a variety of arts and graphics related jobs, including teaching graphic design at the Art Center. He soon felt a need to take his own painting off the back burner and devote more time to it. He began documenting the changes his hometown of Pasadena was going through in sketches and paintings. This led to involvement with a series of projects, including the Showcase House and The California Art Club Artists for Architecture Painting Project. It's easy to see Joseph's architectural influences from works such as the above LA River Footbridge Triptych. He has the wonderful ability to combine the straight lines of the bridges and buildings with the colorful fluidity of nature to create an image that is strikingly organic in appearance.

Downtown From Sunset Blvd.
Joseph Stoddard

Joseph works in such a unique way with his watercolors. He incorporates pen and ink, pencil sketches, and even photographs to create a look that is completely his own. Joseph also plays with different presentation ideas, often adhering his paintings on paper to canvas or board, or encasing them in plexiglass boxes. Downtown From Sunset Blvd. has been mounted onto board, with visible pen and pencil marks. You can see each layer of paint that's been applied and each step of Joseph's process. His unique treatment of certain watercolors like Downtown From Sunset Blvd. allow for hanging without glass. In this way, his paintings are like the architectural structures he turns his attentions to.

Joseph's mixed media watercolors are viewable on our website, and of course, on our walls. Come on in and take a look!

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