Wednesday, December 26, 2007

3 New Works by Jim Wodark - He's Getting Bigger

"Classic California Oak" by Jim Wodark, 48 x 36

No, we don't mean in personal girth,
but size of work and importance as an artist.

This recent plein air landscape by Jim Wodark may look familiar because it captures a large oak tree in Irvine Regional Park. The tree, featured on one of Jim's grandest paintings, has roots that extend further down into the hills, creating an opening for horseback riders and mountain bikers to ride through. The oak is also home to a colony of bees, which Jim wouldn't recommend getting too close to! Because of the massive size of the oak, he used a large canvas to create a grand statement. Plein air painters don't normally use very large canvases, but Jim's work is being requested on a larger scale. This plein air artist is venturing outside his comfort zone and is loving it.

"Apple Pie", 20 x 16

It is rare to see a still-life by Jim Wodark. Occasionally, he will see a unique composition for a still-life, but does not have his paints and brushes accessible at the time. He believes that most still-life paintings that are staged don't evoke emotions. Jim's latest still life "Apple Pie" is a unique anecdote in his personal life. The apples in the painting were hand picked by Jim and his wife to be made into a pie. Before his wife made the pie, Jim saw an unprecedented opportunity to paint a beautiful piece, which includes a bushel of apples, some salt, and sugar; the ingredients to create a masterpiece.

"Eucalyptus Glow", 16 x 22

Jim Wodark captures scenes in your own backyard and brings new light and depth to the setting with his fun and substantial compositions and skillful, fluid brushwork. His work is becoming increasingly more recognizable, as he is winning competitions such as the Redlands Plein Air Painting Competition and SOCALPAPA Newport Peninsula Plein Air 2007.

"My intention is to paint my masterpiece every time I paint a picture.
This gives me never ending room to grow and experiment with my art."

Expect to see BIG things from Jim Wodark in 2008!

Experience these works for yourself at Chemers Gallery.

6 New Pieces by Kelly Viss-Get them before they're gone!!

"Crabapple Blossoms" by Kelly Viss 48" x 48"...oops! It's SOLD

Close up view of "Crabapple Blossoms"

"These pieces attempt to capture the stillness and beauty of the pastoral scene. In my work, this is accomplished through the layering of paint; thinned and varnished, scumbled and dripped. It is an involved process. The balance between the activity of the application and the coherence of the surface is delicate but I think contributes to the depth and mystery of the pieces. The images are concrete, but should disintegrate as the viewer approaches, revealing the abstract soul within."
~Kelly Viss

"Serenity." Oil on canvas, 24 X 72
Native California artist, Kelly Viss is one of our most sought after artists. She studied at Cal State Stanislaus and is inspired by impressionist painters such as Corot. Her work is seemingly simple, yet extremely detailed and intricate. She creates pieces that are as visually appealing as they are emotionally stimulating. She composes her works using a series of paint dots; creating a stark contrast between the bright and muted hues, shadows and instances of light. Kelly emulates the beauty of nature in her unique landscapes and still lifes.
Kelly's craft has been displayed coast to coast, from Beverly Hills to Washington DC. Her work is extremely popular and sells out very quickly. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience Kelly Viss's phenomenal artwork!

Compare Kelly's work with Corot

19th century artist Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot inspired many over the forthcoming 100 years, including Picasso and Degas. Claude Monet once said of Corot: "There is only one master here—Corot. We are nothing compared to him, nothing." Corot is considered one of the top masters of landscape painting. He executed many landscape scenes with natural light and mysterious tones in plein-air style. His innovation in landscapes is evident today in Kelly Viss's work. Her application of paint in a controlled, yet capricious manner illustrates the evolving history of art.

Don't just visit our website! Check out her work at the gallery before someone else goes home with your piece!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hint, Hint...I found something I LOVE at Chemers Gallery!


1. Collectible, signed, and limited edition children's books.
Gifts the whole family can enjoy.
Frank McCourt's first children's book "Angela,"
a collector's item
Vice president's wife, Lynn Chenney's "Our 50 States"

"The Ugly Duckling" only available HERE before 2008!
Unsigned books are now 30% off.

2. Assorted picture frames in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Prices start at $20
3. Seasonal
scented candles-perfect as a stocking stuffer. $14-27
4. Unique and fun Soap Rocks-come in over 15 different varieties of imitation rocks and gemstones.
They really do look like rocks and totally rock! $
5. Robert Held glass hearts are a VERY popular gift this season.
Each heart is uniquely special and signed. $40-55
7. Handmade ceramic and glass pieces
What do they truly desire?
Handmade ceramic pieces by artists such as
Maria Counts and Lillia Venier
Great gifts for collectors or those
who love to accent their homes.

8. Collectible and designer watches
These watches are even one of Oprah's favorite things.
"The big numbers make these watches easy to read;
the fabulous colors make them fun to wear."
~ Oprah
Tokyo Bay watches come in an assortment of colors and styles,
one for everyday of the week. $60-82
Sonya Paz limited edition watches are the
perfect gift for collectors or fashionistas. $80
9. Bonnie Holmes Skin Collection
A skincare line that restores the natural beauty of our skin. Featured in exclusive boutiques throughout the country, the Bonnie Holmes Skincare line is simple and pure.
Give the gift that rejuvenates. $25-75
10. Sharelli Silver Jewelry
Everyone loves something that sparkles and shines.
Give her a gift she won't have to pretend to like.
Earrings and necklaces: $50-90

11. Still can't decide?
Give a
Chemers Gallery Gift Certificate
Give the gift of art

E-mail this article to a friend or stop by and shop today. 'Tis the Season'!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

NEW ART by Max Rodriguez

We've just received beautiful new paintings by Max Rodriguez. Color is the most essential element in Rodriguez's artwork. Whether painting abstracts, landscapes or figurative pieces, the color combinations and contrasts tell much of the story.

10x10 mixed media, ready to hang, no framing required.

Artist's Statement:

"I am inspired by the elements of nature and earth at their fundamental and organic levels. Time has had and will continue to have many impacts on our environment. Some of these affects are positive forces and others are destructive, but they all change and alter the appearance of our earth. I'm interested in the way nature deconstructs itself. I find incredible beauty, but also a warning, in the aging process."

Max Rodriguez was born in Havan, Cuba in 1959. He studied at the University of New Orleans and continued at the Academy of Art College, San Francisco. His work is represented throughout the US and Germany and has been used in television and movies such as "Alias" and "Mission Impossible III" among others.

Artist's Statement Figurative Works:

As a Cuban living in exile in the United States since the age of seven, I’ve held on tightly to my childhood memories. Whether it was personal moments, history or folklore and superstitions, my memories have always been strong and clear, even though as a child I questioned what I witnessed. Why is the man playing guitar for money on the bus? Why do we have to wait in line so long for food? Why did family members leave and never return?

Many of the answers to my questions came as I grew older living in New Orleans and began to better understand the revolution in Cuba. As an artist, I am able to express myself through figurative paintings, and thereby, to bring forward the true impact of these early events. Not only did I need to lift the veil of my childhood innocence, I needed to physically lift this veil between what I saw happening in Cuba and the world and what I now knew were the true living conditions. Through my painting process I have been able to expose and express the religious, cultural and political activist within me.

The raised elements in each painting express how my memories are attempting to come out of a buried and suppressed place. The memories come to me in complete pictures, and I sketch as many of them as I can over a week-long period. Then I choose my favorite ones and transfer the images to canvas and Masonite board. It’s then that I apply heavy and raised textures and colors, which are all distinctly vivid in my mind. Eventually I come to a point where the painting is complete with all of its form and color -- a two-dimensional memory.

It is at this stage when the activist within me takes over, and I am compelled to lift the veil to show the viewer that there is more taking place than meets the eye. Underneath this seemingly tranquil scene is conflict and deterioration. I build upon the painting’s surfaces by applying techniques of aging crackles, weathered patinas and moisture stains to represent the decay of life in Cuba. I add rust spots and drips and cracks because my memories of these events have been damaged by the loss of human rights for my countrymen, and not only for Cubans, but for all who struggle for faith, food and freedom.

I want the viewer to be pulled into the painting by its composition; then, upon closer inspection, to want to touch the raised textures and discover the many elements and colors of each painting. These are the ways I tell my story as an artist.

Monday, December 3, 2007

2007 Children's Book Illustration Show & Signing had a great turnout.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our 16th Annual Children's Book Illustration Show and Signing... the artists, our customers and helpful volunteers.
The event benefited Saint Joseph Ballet, Santa Ana.

If you were not able to come to our opening day,
we still have some signed books and original art for sale in the gallery.

Volunteers help customers make their book selections

A young reader converses with
Stacia Deutsch, author of the "Blast to the Past" series and
Linda Zielinski, author of "Children's Picturebook Price Guide".

guess who's who?


We still have some signed books and original art for sale in the gallery.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Children's Book Illustration Show - Sneak Preview

A sneak preview of the front window display for our Children's Book Illustration Show & Signing
Saturday December 1st, 2007

We're very busy getting the rest of the exhibit ready for opening day.

Hope you can join us!

A few of the custom frames that we've chosen for these very special works of art.

For more information about our event CLICK HERE.

We are unable to take any more pre-orders for signed books, but there will be plenty to choose from on December 1st. For a LIST OF BOOKS CLICK HERE

Friday, November 2, 2007

NEW ART by Jim Wodark

While visiting Tuscany, Jim Wodark had the opportunity to paint landscapes of 400 year old farmhouses, vineyards and small villages. Below, are two results from his recent trip.

Tuscan Vines

Wodark's painting Tuscan Vines is a beautiful view of the hills of a historic vineyard, depicting it's authentic heritage with rich browns, deep greens and the warmth of centuries-old soul. In Tuscan Gold, he looks out over rolling hills nestling a small farmhouse in the distance. The hazy horizon implies that the hills just go on forever. Jim is still using the same plein-air style that he is known for, only this time he is painting the beautiful landscapes of Italy that we would travel so far just to experience.

In addition to his trip to Italy, Wodark has been keeping busy with competitions. He was invited to the Lodge at Torrey Pines in La Jolla for an exclusive event with only 21 other painters. They were given the challenge to paint Torrey Pines State Park and Jim won 2nd place. He also participated in the SOCALPAPA competition in the Newport Peninsula, winning Best of Show, an additional honorable mention and 2nd place in the "quick-draw" challenge. He stole the show!

Come in and see Jim Wodark's new Tuscan paintings
or you can visit our website:

Saturday, October 27, 2007

All the Books are Here!

It's that time of year again! We're gearing up for our 16th annual Children's Book Illustration Show & Signing. The books are in, over 50 titles! The original illustrations are here and available for presale through November 24th.

This is the best time to come into the gallery and pre-order your picture books and tell us who you'd like them to be dedicated to. You may pre-order books now through November 24th. Your books will be signed and ready for you at the opening December 1st, 1-5 pm.

The day of the event you'll be able to meet the artists, see there original illustrations beautifully displayed and listen to there presentations throughout the afternoon. There will still be an opportunity to make last minute book choices, though we can't guarantee supply of all titles the day of the show. Don't worry if you can't make it to the event December 1st. You can pick up you signed and dedicated pre-ordered books after the show at your convenience. The illustrations will also be exhibited for about two weeks after the opening day.

The event will benefit Saint Joseph Ballet in Santa Ana, a nonprofit organization that provides dance, academic and family programs to low-income youth in Orange County. 10% of art and framing sales will go directly to Saint Joseph Ballet.

So, come in, have a seat and make yourself comfortable... there's a lot to choose from!

Call or email us if you'd like to be added to our mailing list or if your interested in purchasing original art. 714-731-5432


Illustrated by

Joe Cepeda

I, Freddy
Freddy in Peril
Freddy's Final Quest
Freddy to the Rescue
The Haunting of Freddy
A Girl, a Boy, and a Monster Cat
Pumpkin Fiesta
Why Heaven is Far Away
Juan Bob Goes to Work
Hey You! C'mere, A poetry Slam
Mice and Beans
The Swing
The Red Blanket
Becoming Naomi Leon
The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman
Searching for Oliver K. Woodman
N is for Navidad

Illustrated by Raul Colon

Dona Flor
Dona Flor, Spanish version
My Name is Gabito
How to bake an American Pie
Jose! Born to Dance
My Father's House
Play Ball!
Si, Puedes
Roberto Clemente
Sugar Cane
Tomas and the Library Lady

Illustrated by Mordicai Gerstein

Carolinda Clatter
How to Paint the Portrait of a Bird
Leaving the Nest
Sholom's Treasure
Sparrow Jack
The Jar of Fools
The Man Who Walked Between the Towers
The Old Country
The White Ram
Three Samurai Cats
What Carlie Heard

Illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith

Ant Lucy Went to Buy a Hat
Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum
Edward Lear, Poetry for Young People
Ten Little Ladybugs
The Goodnight Train
The Recess Queen
The Wheels on the School Bus
Violet's Music

Illustrated by Stev Johnson & Lou Fancher

Bebop Express
Casey Back at Bat
My Many Colored Days
New York's Bravest
Star Climbing
The Boy on Fairfield Street
The Cheese
The Ugly Duckling
The Velveteen Rabbit


"Save the Date!"

"New Illustrations..."

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Second Lecture: Soy and Heart Health, Ari Babaknia

Ari Babaknia, MD, Soy and Heart Health
October 24, 2007

Heart Healthy O.C. Lecture Series.

Enjoy a leisurely evening among beautiful works of art as you learn about everything from heart healthy nutrition, exercise and stress solutions to the latest cutting-edge information on prevention, early detection and protecting a healthy heart for life.

"Meet the Author" book signing as well as giveaways and other special treats.

17300 17th Street
Tustin, CA 92780



$45 suggested donation for complete series
$15 suggested donation per lecture


October 24, 2007: Ari Babaknia, MD
founder of DrSoy Nutrition

November 14, 2007: Lawrence Santora, MD
author of the OC Cure for Heart Disease

January 16, 2008: Gena Kadar DC, CNS
developed the Get Healthy! Therapeutic Lifestyle Program

February 19, 2008: Special!
Wine & Your Heart: Wine Tasting Event
A special evening to conclude the series!

RSVP: Space is limited! Please call to pre-register at (714) 245-0056 or call Chemers Gallery at (714) 731-5432.
You can also register by email at

100% of the event proceeds will benefit cardiac screening, awareness and outreach activities at the Center for Cardiovascular Wellness.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chemers at the Art and Architecture Tour!

Every year, the Orange County Museum of Art holds the Art and Architecture Tour. This year the tour will include an office building housing many pieces of art selected and custom framed by CHEMERS GALLERY.

The tour will be followed by a "50's themed party with live music, hors d'oeuvres, an exciting raffle for a vacation package to New York and a silent auction".

There are 5 residences and an office building featured in the tour by well known architects including Mark Singer, Michael Reynolds, Brion Jeannette, and Cynthia Childs. They vary from Country French to 50's modern. The interiors of these buildings are stunning.

The office building featured is a contemporary structure in Newport Beach. Inside, it holds over 150 pieces of modern and contemporary artwork, 98% of it was bought and framed at CHEMERS GALLERY.

Some of the artists included in the collection will be present during the tour. These artists include Laddie John Dill, Jonde Northcutt, Nick Capaci, Patrick Marold and Luc Leestemaker.

The Art and Architecture Tour supports education programs at the museum and is a wonderful way to experience Southern California's architectural and artistic advances. For more information on the tour, visit the Orange County Museum of Art website,

Photography by John Ellis ~

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


16th Annual Children's Book Illustration Show and Signing is approaching!

We've been busy receiving and putting into inventory original art from children's book illustrations for this year's show.

Shown is a shipment from Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher!

The illustrators featured in our December Show have truly imaginative books, all including wonderful illustrations that are sure to spark your inner child! Along with Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher, we're receiveing original art from Raul Colon, Joe Cepeda, Mordicai Gerstein and Laura Huliska-Beith.

Original art is available now for pre-sale and more than
40 book titles are available to pre-order.


for more information CLICK HERE

Thursday, September 20, 2007



Delight in complimentary heart healthy appetizers in a setting surrounded by beautiful works of art as you hear some of Orange County's health experts speak on the issues you need to know. Discover a revealing look at everything from heart healthy nutrition, exercise and stress solutions to the latest cutting-edge information on prevention, early detection and protecting a healthy heart for life!

Don't Miss "Meet the Author" book signing opportunities, giveaways and other special treats each evening!

September 25, 2007: Kelly Tucker, MD
co-author of Women and Heart Disease
Appreciating Art and Protecting Your Heart

October 24, 2007: Ari Babaknia, MD
founder of DrSoy Nutrition
Soy and Heart Health

November 14, 2007: Lawrence Santora, MD
author of the OC Cure for Heart Disease
Stop Heart Attacks Now!

January 16, 2008: Gena Kadar DC, CNS
developed the Get Healthy! Therapeutic Lifestyle Program
Heart Healthy Makeover through Lifestyle Change

February 19, 2008: Special!
Wine and your Heart: Wine Tasting Event
A special evening to conclude the series!

17300 17th Street
Tustin, CA 92780

Light and heart healthy refreshments will be served.

Tickets for the complete series are only a $45 suggested donation
September 20th, 2007. Thereafter, they are a $15 suggested donation per lecture.

RSVP: Space is limited! Please call to pre-register at (714) 245-0056 or call Chemers Gallery at (714) 731-5432. You can also register by email at

100% of the event proceeds will benefit cardiac screening, awareness and outreach activities at the Center for Cardiovascular Wellness.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

NEW! Latest landscapes from Dave Chapple

We just received 3 wonderful new paintings from Dave Chapple!


16 x 12
Oil on Board

Looking at the peaceful landscapes of Dave Chapple it's hard to imagine that he was once a pro football player. In fact, he held the record for the NFL's longest punt in 1979! Now, he is better known for his beautiful California landscape paintings. But, those football days are not forgotten.

"I had spent six years playing football, and either I had to continue playing football until I was 35...or find out while I was still young if I could make it as an artist."

Country Road
16 x 12
Oil on Board

As a child, Dave became very ill and spent much of his time studying and sketching animal wildlife. Later, Dave learned a great deal more about animals and their habitats during his job as a taxidermist. These observational skills didn't fulfill their artistic potential yet. Dave found himself holding a key position at the Los Angeles Rams football team as their star kicker. With his passion for art and nature increasing, Dave spent the off-seasons painting wildlife and landscapes. In 1975 he took a chance and decided to pursue a career as an artist, leaving his pro football career for good.

He did make it as an artist! The discipline he learned from his football days came in handy when applied to his rigorous 60 hours per week painting schedule. As he began exhibiting at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum, his work quickly found popularity. His beautiful hand-painted wildlife etchings, many of which you may remember, became wildly popular. Soon the commissions began rolling in, working for such golf legends as Jack Nicklaus and Fred Couples, as well as the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic and prominent PGA courses.

Over thirty years after his initial leap into the art world, Dave is still in high demand as a artist, and we are proud to present a group of new landscapes. Dave's California landscapes are peaceful and handled in a traditional manner. His warm palette, balanced by cool greens and blues, evoke that temperate climate we all enjoy to the envy of others. Dave paints the historic California we can all appreciate.

In his painting Irvine, Dave depicts the way he remembers Irvine growing up, "When Irvine Blvd. was just a one lane street." Remember California's magestic Eucalyptus trees? Dave paints them with a nostalgic, appreciative eye. In Country Road, just imagine taking a stroll with a friend through this warm landscape sprinkled with vibrant orange and lavender wildflowers. You can't help but allow yourself to rest, take a deep breath and relax in front of his vision of California.

Come visit Chemers Gallery to see Chapple's new works, or view our website:

Monday, September 10, 2007

WE WANT YOU! (to get involved)

Recently, we have created a blog in hopes of giving our customers up to date information about special events, new artwork/artists and other topics of interest. We also want to give YOU, our clients and potential clients, a forum to discuss art or framing and a place to express art issues, queries and cheers.

We want you to get involved! Art is an exciting, mysterious, and passionate being. Don't you want to explore it? Please leave us your comments:


What would you like to see on our blog?
What topics interest you?
What art issues would you like to see discussed?
What styles of art and framing impress you?
What trends are happening in the art world and how can I keep up?

Did you see a painting in a magazine that you loved? Read an article you agreed/disagreed with? Heard about an art event that might interest others? Stumbled across an amazing website?
Tell us about it!

Simply click on the word "comments" below any blog and tell us everything! (Or just read what other people are saying).

Together, we can make our blog more inspiring, informative and helpful for YOU!

Of course, if you would like more direct access, please feel free to call or email us at the gallery or check out our website:

Saturday, September 1, 2007

NEW! Latest Plein-Air from Bonnie Holmes

We just received 7 stunning new paintings from Bonnie Holmes!
Cloud and Sea Series, Study No.3
12 x 16
Oil on Board

Sacred Garden Morning
12 x 9
Oil on Board

Bonnie Holmes is a local artist originally from Oakland, California. She attended Otis Art Institute on two scholarships and Chouinard Art School on scholarship. She is a member of the So. Cal. Plein Air Painters Association and the California Art Club. She has participated in the SOCALPAPA Members Show as well as the LPAPA Members Shows.

Holmes has been painting her signature soft, illuminating plein-air oils for over 15 years. She began her career painting figuratives and watercolors, but became fascinated with the natural beauty of scenery and landscapes while on a fishing trip with her husband.

Holmes is known for creating a warm feeling using a palette that shimmers like the water she so loves to paint. She uses colors not usually seen in traditional plein-air. In her new Cloud and Sea Series, Holmes uses splashes of vibrant purple with a hint of green for a cool, soothing effect. The new painting Sacred Garden Morning depicts a California mission with bricks of bright pink set before a brilliantly lit sky. Holmes's paintings are meant to display the details of a particular time of day or a certain mood of the weather. Her paintings have movement, sensuality and incredible depth.

"I am intrigued by the beauty of nature untouched by man. In this way, painters of the natural world are almost like historians...My goal is to keep the eye of a child, to train the eye to see what the average person misses."

Come visit Chemers Gallery to see Holmes's new works, or view our website:

Bonnie Holmes is an expert in beauty. In addition to creating paintings that make our souls feel beautiful, Holmes has also created a line of skin care to keep our skin beautiful, BONNIE HOLMES SKIN CARE.

Growing up in sunny California, Holmes began developing sun related skin problems in her twenties. Constantly disappointed by misleading and ineffective products, Holmes set out to create her own. Already with an extensive background in life sciences, Holmes delved into advanced esthetician training. In 1989, she debuted her skin care line, Bonnie Holmes Skin Care.

"Our formulas consider the most sensitive of skin types. No perfumes, no dyes, no animal-sourced ingredients are used. Only the purest of plant-derived ingredients have been selected...each formula addresses the correct pH range for the skin and for its usage."

Bonnie Holmes Skin Care is sold right here at Chemers Gallery! Please come visit us to purchase, place an order, or get free samples! Learn more on the Bonnie Holmes Skin Care website:

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"The Art of a Healthy Heart" Lecture Series

join us for art, expert presentations and more...

The Center for Cardiovascular Wellness and

HeART Healthy O.C. Lecture Series:
"The Art of a Healthy Heart"

This special event includes 5 separate evenings featuring expert speakers, beautiful art and more...


September 25, 2007: Kelly Tucker, MD
co-author of Women and Heart Disease

October 24, 2007: Ari Babaknia, MD
founder of DrSoy Nutrition

November 14, 2007: Lawrence Santora, MD
author of the OC Cure for Heart Disease

January 16, 2008: Gena Kadar DC, CNS
developed the Get Healthy! Therapeutic Lifestyle Program

February 19, 2008: Special!
Wine & Your Heart: Wine Tasting Event
A special evening to conclude the series!

5:30pm - 7:00pm

17300 17th Street
Tustin, CA 92780
Light & heart Healthy refeshments will be served

Tickets for the complete series are only a $45 suggested donation
September 20th, 2007.
Thereafter, they are a $15 suggested donation per lecture.

100% of the event proceeds will benefit cardiac screening, awareness and outreach activities at the Center for Cardiovascular Wellness.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NEW Artist, Lilia Venier

Introducing a wonderful new ceramics artist to Chemers Gallery!
Lilia Venier

Celadon Face Bottle
Stoneware porcelain thrown and carved
6"W x 7.5"H

"Ceramics has given me the opportunity to express my ideas and creativity in a different way. I create pieces that have a variety of colors, textures, interesting shapes and carvings which I especially enjoy. Each piece is different, unique, has its own personality and cries out to be touched."

A native of Mexico, Lilia Venier started out in business school, only to later realize her artistic talents from taking a ceramics class. She uses many different techniques, such as raku, earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. Her pieces have a distinct personality which have given her universal appeal. She has pieces in private collections in the U.S., Canada and Thailand and has participated in such exhibitions as the Beverly Hills Affaire in the Park and the Laguna Beach Winterfest.

Please come in to view Lilia Venier's new collection
or visit our website,
to see more of her work.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

SAVE THE DATE! 16th Annual Children's Book Illustration Show & Signing


16th Annual

Children's Book Illustration
Show and Signing

December 1st, 2007 * 1-5 pm



Come for the Art & Books and Stay All Day
Lectures & Demonstrations by the Illustrators & Authors

1:30 Linda Zielinski: "Collecting First Editions"
1:55 Joe Cepeda: "Drawing from Home- How my upbringing influenced by artwork"
2:20 Laura Huliska-Beith: "Bubble Gum, Paint, and How one 'Bad Idea' Led to Another"
2:45 Stacia Deutsch: "Facts and Fiction in the Historical Novel"
3:05 Mordicai Gerstein: "Power of Drawing and Imagination"
3:30 Lou Fancher and Steve Johnson: "The Ugly Duckling" and Using Collage
3:55 Raul Colon: "How I Use Color"

October 1st, original art will be available for presale.
Choose from more than 40 book titles available to
preorder Oct. 1st through Nov. 24th.

Featured Illustrators:
click here for book list

Joe Cepeda

Raul Colon

Mordicai Gerstein

Laura Huliska-Beith

Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher


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