Friday, February 1, 2008

FRAME DESIGN, Handcarved Frame

Custom Frame Designs with Hand Carved Frames

Motawi Songbird Tiles
Discerning customers, Rich & Marie, have been clients of ours for many years. Everything in their beautiful Laguna Beach, "Arts & Crafts" home is as authentic as possible, including picture frames. Our large selection of hand crafted frames is one reason they come to Chemers Gallery. Rich & Marie brought in these charming Motawi tiles to select framing that would compliment their decor. The tiles are floated on a black leather fabric recessed background. The "Arts and Crafts" style frame is hand carved and finished in a dark walnut to a rich luster. It turned out beautifully! Notice how the tiles and frame become one cohesive unit.

Close up of "Cross Corner" pattern

Original Children's Book Illustration by Winslow Pels
click to enlarge

Many of you know about our Annual Children's Book Illustration Show now in it's 16th year. This unusual art is an original children's book illustration by Winslow Pels, which was used for the cover of "Iron John" published by Morrow Junior 1999.

We have so much fun designing framing with Richard & Suzanne. Their goal is always to enhance the art and create a statement. Sometimes it's treasured art that they've owned for awhile or a painting created by their talented daughter. Sometimes it's a piece that they've chosen at Chemers Gallery like the one shown above.

They chose a hand carved "Arts and Crafts" frame finished in a light walnut with black accents. A suede mat with a subtle gold filet adds the finishing touch. The results are WOW! We'll show you some of their other outrageous designs in future posts.

close up of corner motif

Below are a few similar designs. Come into the gallery and see our great selection of "Arts & Crafts" frames.

click image for larger view

Chemers Gallery has a huge selection of unique custom frame samples in many styles, finishes and price ranges. We'll help you choose the perfect frame for your art and personal taste.

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