Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mary Aslin - In the Classical Tradition

Chemers Gallery is happy to present beautiful pastel work our newest artist, Mary Aslin. Mary lives in southern California, painting still life, plein air, and figurative work. The subjects in her pastels seem lit from within, much like Mary herself!

11 x 14"

"Sunstruck," recently received 5th Place in the Still Life category in The Pastel Journal's Annual Pastel 100 Competition, of which over 5000 pieces were received for five categories. "Sunstruck" and Mary Aslin will be presented in the April 2008 issue of The Pastel Journal! Come in to Chemers Gallery to see this gorgeous piece in person.

"Orchids and Hydrangeas"
19 x 25"

Mary's work highlights the details stunningly, from the iridescence of the hydrangea petals to the reflections in the vase. Those grapes look good enough to eat! Mary characteristically draws the attention into the foreground of each image, bathing it in light, while shadows warmly darken her backgrounds. During the editing of this post, one of our dear customers fell in love with "Orchids and Hydrangeas" and decided to give it a good home!

24 x 18"

"Serenade" highlights the quiet reflection found in life's little pleasures, as in the enjoyment of music. Mary has artistically arranged her flowers around sheet music and a flute, giving the impression that the musician has just taken a break from practicing. It's an intimate portrait of a serene moment in time.

"Serenade" has personal meaning to Mary, "I used to play this flute, but there are only so many creative hours in the day. The use of my flute in the still life is an attempt to keep that musical muse in the forefront."

The joy Mary feels for her creativity is self-evident. "I tell myself to breathe deeply, be calm, and to be a channel - simply a vehicle - for the expression that will follow. And then I utter a humble prayer of thanksgiving for the privilege of this calling."

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