Monday, July 20, 2009

Refreshing New Work From Jennie Tomao

It's rare that Chemers Gallery gets new work from Jennie Tomao, but we're thrilled to have SIX new paintings from this classical artist! Jennie has applied her jewel-like pallet to the landscape, creating early-morning glows, late afternoon haze, and dreamy sunsets.

Sunset in Tuscany; Oil on Canvas by Jennie Tomao
24 x 20

Jennie's career has spanned over 50 years and she has many awards and accolades to show for it. She has painted not only beautiful renditions of the landscape, but gorgeous still life and figurative pieces as well. She is originally from New York City, where she attended the prestigious New York School of Music and Art and received an Award of Excellence from the Pittsburg Institute of Art.

Pasture and Stream; Oil on Board by Jennie Tomao
16 x 12

Jennie's landscapes, so detailed and life-like, invite you to step into her world. Pasture and Stream invokes stillness, with only the relaxing sounds of a babbling brook and birdsong to disturb the peace. Strongly influenced by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot and George Innes, Jennie paints the setting for quiet reflection.

Beat the heat and enjoy the air conditioning and Jennie's cool landscapes at Chemers Gallery!

Don't forget!
John Maxon's 30% Off "Artist Stimulus" is only in effect until August 1st! That's less than 2 weeks away!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Stimulus the John Maxon Way!

Sun Vase; Mixed Media on Paper
33 x 21

Have you had your eye on a vibrant still life or landscape by contemporary painter John Maxon? Well, have we got news for you! From now until August 1st, all of his works are 30% off by special request from the artist! This is an unprecedented savings, so hurry in to take advantage of the "Maxon Stimulus." No IOU's needed!

Violet Pathway; Oil on Canvas
54 x 46

John's contemporary style is stunning in the home or workplace. His work varies in size from large-scale canvases (54 x 46 inches) to smaller scale paper works. Richly underpainted, there is more to see in each piece the longer you stare. These paintings are certainly attention-grabbers!

The Beauty Way; Mixed Media on Paper
36 x 21.5

John attended the San Francisco Art Intitute and San Jose State University, where he earned his BA. He studied for his Masters in Painting at UC Davis under Wayne Thiebaud, Roy DeForest and William Wiley, where he learned the dedication it would take to make a career from his art.

You can preview more of John's stunning vistas on our website, or in person at Chemers Gallery.

Don't forget, this stimulus plan is only in effect until August 1st...
That's less than 3 weeks away!

Read more about John Maxon and his artistic practices:
The Talented Mr. John Maxon

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Artful Accessories for the Summer Season

Summer is truly here! Update your accessory wardrobe with some of this season's stylish picks!

Left: Water Serpents Large Tote, art by Gustav Klimt
Right: Girl With a Pearl Earring Coin Purse, art by Jan Vermeer

Check out Icon Handbags whimsical and romantic designs on their luxurious Italian leather goods. Most recognizable is the image of Jan Vermeer's "Girl With a Pearl Earring" on coin purses, cosmetic cases and more. We just love the image of Gustav Klimt's "Water Serpents", which is complemented by gold or bronze leather. Check out the Peacock Buddha on our website; it's Karen's favorite! Namaste. Don't forget, Icon infuses each image into the leather, so it won't flake or rub off!

Left: Isolde Small Ginkgo Purse by Bo's Art Studio
Right: Salome Silver Purse with Geode by Bo's Art Studio

For a sophisticated handbag that's a bit more unusual, go for one of these beauties from Bo's Art Studio. Created by incorporating fine stainless steel wire mesh with genuine gold wire, leaves, stones and fabrics, these evening bags are truly unique! Bozenna and Lukasz, husband and wife design team, bring their distinctly different talents and backgrounds to their work. She is a painter and textile artist and he is a lighting designer. Although the couple is originally from Poland, they live and make their handbags in Los Angeles.

Left: Champagne and Pastel Threadlace Scarf by Hillary Gifford
Right: Hand-Woven Scarf by Georg Palmer

For the cooler temperatures of those summer nights, a lightweight Threadlace scarf by Hillary Gifford will be just the thing! Hillary combines fabrics and ribbons to create stunningly delicate masterpieces. Georg Palmer's colorful hand-woven scarves are lightweight enough for all seasons. You're sure to find something to coordinate with any of these fabulous finds. Just drape one around your neck, waist or shoulders and you're good to go! While not in use on your body, they make exquisite table runners.

Left: Dragonfly Necklace by Anne Koplik
Right: Dragonfly Earrings by Anne Koplik

Nothing says summer like dragonflies! Thanks to Anne Koplik's vintage-inspired metal, enamel and crystal baubles, you can adorn yourself with them year-round! Coordinated in a set or on their own, these fun necklaces and earrings bring a playful touch to any outfit. For a more sophisticated look, try Anne's beautiful filigree accessories in subtle floral colors.

Still need inspiration?
Come in to Chemers Gallery to see our oodles of jewels and goodies galore!
We'll help you find that special something you've been looking for!

And if you need to point that special someone in the right direction for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or "just because" occasion, don't forget our handy Hint Cards!

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Statue of Liberty from An Ellis Island Christmas; illustration by Dennis Nolan

Have a fun-filled holiday weekend!

We'll see you on Monday!

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