Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ceramics with Style

Seeing creative thoughts turned into tangible objects - now that's magic! We're sure you'll agree that the new work we've received from emerging ceramic artist Mark Goudy and gallery favorite Maria Counts is just stunning in its complexity and range of styles.

New Artist Mark Goudy

Tri-Cornered Vessel by Mark Goudy

Mark Goudy was discovered by Karen at a recent show in northern California. The thin, smooth ceramic work he produces just cries out to be touched and turned over with your hands. Mark trained as an engineer and had a 20 year career designing graphics chips in the computer industry. Inspired by his wife and the creative spirit of his late mother, Mark signed up for a raku class and was hooked.

After so many years working in the virtual world, it was refreshing to work with physical materials. He learned the mysterious technique of soluble metal salts and uses the materials to give each piece he creates a modern, graphic quality to its finished surface. Mark's work is unique both in design and technique.

Click here to read the recent interview with Mark Goudy in Ceramics Now Magazine.

Maria Counts

Always With Me by Maria Counts

The serene Maria Counts visited us recently with a box of goodies ranging from clocks to kimonos to her signature face vessels, as well as one of her quirky story-teller figures. Always unique, Maria's ceramics are artfully rendered and evoke the feeling of half-forgotten dreams.

In talking with her, you get the sense that the clay just takes over and before she knows it there is a fully formed piece of art sitting in front of her. Maria's use of hand-building, stamping and glazing achieves stunning results every time.

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