Saturday, October 27, 2007

All the Books are Here!

It's that time of year again! We're gearing up for our 16th annual Children's Book Illustration Show & Signing. The books are in, over 50 titles! The original illustrations are here and available for presale through November 24th.

This is the best time to come into the gallery and pre-order your picture books and tell us who you'd like them to be dedicated to. You may pre-order books now through November 24th. Your books will be signed and ready for you at the opening December 1st, 1-5 pm.

The day of the event you'll be able to meet the artists, see there original illustrations beautifully displayed and listen to there presentations throughout the afternoon. There will still be an opportunity to make last minute book choices, though we can't guarantee supply of all titles the day of the show. Don't worry if you can't make it to the event December 1st. You can pick up you signed and dedicated pre-ordered books after the show at your convenience. The illustrations will also be exhibited for about two weeks after the opening day.

The event will benefit Saint Joseph Ballet in Santa Ana, a nonprofit organization that provides dance, academic and family programs to low-income youth in Orange County. 10% of art and framing sales will go directly to Saint Joseph Ballet.

So, come in, have a seat and make yourself comfortable... there's a lot to choose from!

Call or email us if you'd like to be added to our mailing list or if your interested in purchasing original art. 714-731-5432


Illustrated by

Joe Cepeda

I, Freddy
Freddy in Peril
Freddy's Final Quest
Freddy to the Rescue
The Haunting of Freddy
A Girl, a Boy, and a Monster Cat
Pumpkin Fiesta
Why Heaven is Far Away
Juan Bob Goes to Work
Hey You! C'mere, A poetry Slam
Mice and Beans
The Swing
The Red Blanket
Becoming Naomi Leon
The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman
Searching for Oliver K. Woodman
N is for Navidad

Illustrated by Raul Colon

Dona Flor
Dona Flor, Spanish version
My Name is Gabito
How to bake an American Pie
Jose! Born to Dance
My Father's House
Play Ball!
Si, Puedes
Roberto Clemente
Sugar Cane
Tomas and the Library Lady

Illustrated by Mordicai Gerstein

Carolinda Clatter
How to Paint the Portrait of a Bird
Leaving the Nest
Sholom's Treasure
Sparrow Jack
The Jar of Fools
The Man Who Walked Between the Towers
The Old Country
The White Ram
Three Samurai Cats
What Carlie Heard

Illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith

Ant Lucy Went to Buy a Hat
Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum
Edward Lear, Poetry for Young People
Ten Little Ladybugs
The Goodnight Train
The Recess Queen
The Wheels on the School Bus
Violet's Music

Illustrated by Stev Johnson & Lou Fancher

Bebop Express
Casey Back at Bat
My Many Colored Days
New York's Bravest
Star Climbing
The Boy on Fairfield Street
The Cheese
The Ugly Duckling
The Velveteen Rabbit


"Save the Date!"

"New Illustrations..."

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Second Lecture: Soy and Heart Health, Ari Babaknia

Ari Babaknia, MD, Soy and Heart Health
October 24, 2007

Heart Healthy O.C. Lecture Series.

Enjoy a leisurely evening among beautiful works of art as you learn about everything from heart healthy nutrition, exercise and stress solutions to the latest cutting-edge information on prevention, early detection and protecting a healthy heart for life.

"Meet the Author" book signing as well as giveaways and other special treats.

17300 17th Street
Tustin, CA 92780



$45 suggested donation for complete series
$15 suggested donation per lecture


October 24, 2007: Ari Babaknia, MD
founder of DrSoy Nutrition

November 14, 2007: Lawrence Santora, MD
author of the OC Cure for Heart Disease

January 16, 2008: Gena Kadar DC, CNS
developed the Get Healthy! Therapeutic Lifestyle Program

February 19, 2008: Special!
Wine & Your Heart: Wine Tasting Event
A special evening to conclude the series!

RSVP: Space is limited! Please call to pre-register at (714) 245-0056 or call Chemers Gallery at (714) 731-5432.
You can also register by email at

100% of the event proceeds will benefit cardiac screening, awareness and outreach activities at the Center for Cardiovascular Wellness.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chemers at the Art and Architecture Tour!

Every year, the Orange County Museum of Art holds the Art and Architecture Tour. This year the tour will include an office building housing many pieces of art selected and custom framed by CHEMERS GALLERY.

The tour will be followed by a "50's themed party with live music, hors d'oeuvres, an exciting raffle for a vacation package to New York and a silent auction".

There are 5 residences and an office building featured in the tour by well known architects including Mark Singer, Michael Reynolds, Brion Jeannette, and Cynthia Childs. They vary from Country French to 50's modern. The interiors of these buildings are stunning.

The office building featured is a contemporary structure in Newport Beach. Inside, it holds over 150 pieces of modern and contemporary artwork, 98% of it was bought and framed at CHEMERS GALLERY.

Some of the artists included in the collection will be present during the tour. These artists include Laddie John Dill, Jonde Northcutt, Nick Capaci, Patrick Marold and Luc Leestemaker.

The Art and Architecture Tour supports education programs at the museum and is a wonderful way to experience Southern California's architectural and artistic advances. For more information on the tour, visit the Orange County Museum of Art website,

Photography by John Ellis ~

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


16th Annual Children's Book Illustration Show and Signing is approaching!

We've been busy receiving and putting into inventory original art from children's book illustrations for this year's show.

Shown is a shipment from Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher!

The illustrators featured in our December Show have truly imaginative books, all including wonderful illustrations that are sure to spark your inner child! Along with Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher, we're receiveing original art from Raul Colon, Joe Cepeda, Mordicai Gerstein and Laura Huliska-Beith.

Original art is available now for pre-sale and more than
40 book titles are available to pre-order.


for more information CLICK HERE


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