Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Frame Design - Custom Frame for Unique Art Technique

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Take a close look at this exquisite embroidery by one of our valued clients, Donelda. She was inspired by a beautiful scene in south east Arizona near Patagonia. What an inspiration to express her creativity from a photo of this favorite scene.

This triptych was created in two layers. The top layer has an autumn tree and foreground stitched on sheer blue fabric in three sections. The bottom layer is one piece with embroidered wispy, white clouds on a pale blue fabric.

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Donelda honored Chemers Gallery by giving us the opportunity to frame this work of art. We chose a narrow champagne gold frame to fit in with the simple lines in her home. As Donelda took great care to embroider on two pieces of fabric to create distance, we needed to lay down the background and individually stretch the three portions of the foreground to create space between the top and bottom layers.

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You will notice how the texture of the earthy silk mat and fine accent with a hand painted gold lip add depth and a soft sparkle complimenting the highlights in the art.

Complicated Frame Design? No Problem!
Come in to the gallery to see our vast selection of frames.
We will work with you to find the perfect frame design for your art.

Next week look for an example frame design making use of our
arts and crafts line of hand carved custom mouldings.

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