Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Peggy Ferris: Designing Fine Art

Abstract painter Peggy Ferris is no stranger to the world of art. The California native is formally trained in art and design from the Royal Academy art Art in The Hague, Holland and at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. In a previous life, she had a career as a graphic designer, but once she returned to the world of fine art, there was no going back.

Unchartered, mixed media on canvas
Her spontaneous abstract paintings are often informed by her past graphic designer experience. Peggy initially began choosing color palettes by mixing colors on her computer. Currently, her hues are far less premeditated; Peggy will sometimes select paint almost at random, which forces unexpected color play and interactions that can have surprisingly pleasing results. Another way her graphic design experience shows itself is within Peggy's understanding of balanced composition.

Peggy's inspirations come from the energy and vitality of the urban landscape, and structures often make guest appearances within her paintings. Her recent Butterfly Series took its inspiration from the mid-20th century architecture of Palm Springs:

Butterfly Roof, Palm Springs
Butterfly Series 3, mixed media on board
Working in both large and small scale allows Peggy the freedom to explore different shapes, textures and materials. Her work is perfect for a contemporary home or office, either as a focal piece or a small accent. View all 7 works on our website, or come in to see them in person. Either way, you're sure to be in for visual stimulation!

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