Thursday, August 30, 2012

NEW Ayala Bar jewelry!

Wild Orchid necklace by Ayala Bar

We've been waiting 6 long months for the new Ayala Bar jewelry collection to be available and it's finally here! In keeping with this Israeli designer's vision, every necklace, earring, ring and bracelet is composed of intricate patterns that look like tiny mosaics.

Electric Slide necklace by Ayala Bar

Ayala's unique shapes coupled with oh-so-yummy colors make up her luscious new line. As always, her stunning jewelry is available for six months at a time before she completely re-designs the look and feel, making every piece a limited edition. This season brings new shapes and patters that are quite exotic. Some of the present themes include a paisley effect and teardrop form.

Milano earrings by Ayala Bar

A woman of many talents, Ayala studied at art school and has worked in the creative industries from theater to interior design. We think this is her best collection yet, so hurry in before her exquisite work is all gone! The entire line could have been ours this season - after all, it's only money.

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