Monday, August 6, 2012

Do You Know What August & Bonnie Holmes Skincare Have in Common?

August has arrived at long last, and it's extra sweet for users of Bonnie Holmes Skincare Products because for the entire month we're extending a *20% discount to you! Choose from her line of spa-quality cremes, cleansers, masques and scrubs to find just the right products for you. We'll even give you samples to take home and try out! Indulge in Bonnie's gentle skin care that will leave you feeling fresh and luxuriously soft from head to toe.

Ebb and Flow, oil on canvas by Bonnie Holmes
Don't forget to refresh your eyes with her beautiful plein air landscape paintings while you're at it!  

*17% discount if paying by credit card

Lathering Facial Cleanser.....$33
A pH balanced water-soluble cleanser that gently lifts away makeup and impurities from the skin.

Creme Cleanser.....$35
The combination of water, glycerin, wheat germ oil, apple pectin and oils from California oranges makes this the ideal cleanser for drier, more mature skin types.

Skin Refreshment.....$35
Alcohol-free and packed with nutrients in a purified water base, Skin Refreshment restores depleted vitamins and minerals to the skin.

Sheer Skin Moisturizer.....$48
This is the ideal creme for all skin types, but will especially be enjoyed by those with more natural oils in their complexion.

Super-Rich Skin Creme.....$60
Packed with anti-oxidant nutrients to promote moisture and healing, this is creme is suited to drier, more sensitive and mature skin types.

Eyelid Balm.....$38 *LIMIT 1 PER CLIENT*
The delicate skin surrounding the eyes gets ultimate support and protection from this blend of vitamin e, grape seed extract, aloe vera and evening primrose oil.

Original Skin Creme.....$48
Ideal for skin that's sun damaged or over 30, Original Skin Creme contains an alpha hydroxy acid that increases skin's metabolism leads to younger-looking complexion.

Clay Refining Masque.....$35
Denser than traditional clay masques, the Clay Refining Masque has been specially formulated to dry slower to allow the skin to absorb as many nutrients from the clay as possible.

Mineral Skin Polish.....$45
An ultra-fine pumice exfolient meant for everyday use, Mineral Skin Polish helps to prevent the build up of dead skin cells and leaves your face smelling rosy.

Roll-Away Creme.....$68
A light exfolient that adheres to the dead skin cell buildup on the skin's surface and leaves skin feeling soft and fresh.

Therapeutic Sinus Toner.....$40

Serious Sunblock.....$25
Contains SPF 25 and is perfect for sensitive skin.

Satin Body & Bath Oil.....$49
Almond-scented body oil enhances moisture retention when used regularly while skin is still damp and doesn't leave skin feeling oily.

Ultra Velvet Body Creme.....$70
Silky creme for use all over the body.

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