Monday, August 4, 2008

Bonnie Holmes Skincare Products

Bonnie Holmes Skincare Products
20% OFF
all through August 2008

If you already use her skincare products you know how pure and gentle they are as well as easy to use. We're sure you'll want to come in and take advantage of this August special, 20% OFF all Bonnie Holmes Skincare products.

If you've never used Bonnie Holmes Skincare products, be sure and come into the gallery and try some samples. We can help you choose the products that are best for your skin type from this carefully formulated line of cleansers, cremes, lotions, scrubs, and more.

About Bonnie Holmes Natural Skin Care

"Apply science to the beauty of your skin", has been the approach Bonnie Holmes has employed in her care and concern for skin. Her entree into the field of Esthetics came in the early 1980's when she first brought her ideologies to practice in Newport Beach, California.

Ms. Holmes is a native Californian who spent many of her childhood through early adulthood years basking in the Southern California sun. By her mid-twenties, she began developing many sun-related problems on her skin, some being dangerous. While attempting to take care of her skin problems, she found that the common
methods available were either ineffective, misleading, and were usually discouraging.

"Health and beauty" has been a life-long interest for Ms. Holmes, and being motivated to discover answers in caring for skin, she applied her extensive background in the life sciences to advanced esthetician training. Her approach to caring for skin was well received locally in Orange County, California, and later nationally, because of its' conservative, results-oriented and practical nature.

  • Lathering Facial Cleanser
  • Creme Cleanser
  • Skin Refreshment
  • Sheer Skin Moisturizer
  • Super-Rich Creme
  • Eyelid Balm
  • Original Skin Creme
  • Clay Refining Masque
  • Mineral Skin Polish
  • Roll-away Creme
  • Therapeutic Sinus Toner
  • Serious Sunblock
  • Satin Body & Bath Oil
  • Ultra Velvet Body Creme
  • Pure Skin Balm
  • Clay & Grapeseed Soothing Masque
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