Monday, May 12, 2008

Glass Artists Scott Amrhein and Randi Solin

Chemers Gallery has just received some stunning new glassware from a new talent and an old favorite - Scott Amrhein of High Cliff Studios and Randi Solin of Solinglass!

Scott Amrhein's one-of-a-kind lustre bowls are stunningly simple, yet multi-faceted enough to keep you looking. His elliptical bowls are a work of art in themselves. Each piece casts unusual, organic reflections onto the surrounding surfaces, transforming the very space they're in. The surface pattern of the glass results from the particular metallic glazing and its reaction to the gravitational forming of each bowl. Scott also designs the bases his bowls sit it from a combination of wood and copper, giving the work an elemental feel.

Scott came to glass work from an education in ecomonics and a career in the metal casting industry. He terms his production of art glass as "evolutionary" because it is ever-changing. "It has been said...'man cannot duplicate nature, but only represent it.' I hope every piece I create, combining natural and manmade materials, is a reflection of that statement. It is the discovery and application of various elemental materials which enables me to create a unique body of work." -Scott Amrhein

Randi Solin's new work is stunning. Her glass vessels are beautiful creations with surprising hidden details, like the twisting and turning to suggest a woman's hips and back. She creates amazing depth of color and light in her glass vessels by using layers of glass, sheets of sterling silver, and strands of steel wool. Each piece has a designated "front," which Randi achieves in the same way a painter creates his focal point.

Randi has been blowing glass for over twenty years, using techniques from both the Venetian style and the American Art Glass movement. Her work is housed in permanent collections all over the world, including the White House.

Come into Chemers Gallery to view these and other spectacular glass art pieces!

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