Friday, July 20, 2007

New Glass Artisans


Randi Solin, founder of Solinglass, has practiced the art of blown glass for over twenty years. Solin utilizes styles and techniques from both Venetian glassblowing and American Art Glass movement. She uses optics, such as artists that paint on canvas, to create a window to view her creations. The process of Solin's labor is intricate and varied. She layers many particles of glass with many variations of color and size. She often incorporates sheets of sterling silver, fine strands of steel wool, and even hand draws in black glass cane. Her pieces can be found all over the world, from the White house to Algeria.

Husband and wife team, Ken and Ingrid Hanson, have been glass blowing for fifteen years. They enjoy creating traditional forms of glass and using unconventional colors to create very unique, vivid, and contemporary pieces of art.

"It is the unpredictability of the medium of glass that inspires constant change in our work. By collaborating on our work, each new idea presents a multitude of possibilities."

The internationally acclaimed work of these artists can now be found at Chemers Gallery.

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