Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Through the Eyes of Leslie Lowinger

The City That Does Not Reveal Its Secrets
Leslie Lowinger

Leslie Lowinger has put her own creative stamp on her etchings inspired by living in large cities like New York and San Francisco. Chemers Gallery has just received eight new works by this accomplished printmaker. Leslie uses a method of simultaniously printing and collaging known as chine cole, which translated from French means "Chinese collage." The City That Does Not Reveal Its Secrets depicts huge tower blocks filled with windows. In several of the windows, Leslie has created individual stories about the residents and their lives within their dwelling. An amourous couple, someone pacing restlessly back and forth - all are situations viewable through the windows of an apartment building. Well, all except the tiny witch flying on her broomstick!

Walking Stick-Building continues Leslie's investigation into the lives of city-dwellers. These images are imagined but plausible situations, right down to the couple locked in a steamy embrace. Every image in Leslie's Walking Stick series is on a small scale, and keeps you looking for more hidden elements.

Come into Chemers Gallery and ask to see these and other works by Leslie Lowinger! Or search our website at www.chemersgallery.com!

Walking Stick-Building
Leslie Lowinger

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