Friday, November 2, 2007

NEW ART by Jim Wodark

While visiting Tuscany, Jim Wodark had the opportunity to paint landscapes of 400 year old farmhouses, vineyards and small villages. Below, are two results from his recent trip.

Tuscan Vines

Wodark's painting Tuscan Vines is a beautiful view of the hills of a historic vineyard, depicting it's authentic heritage with rich browns, deep greens and the warmth of centuries-old soul. In Tuscan Gold, he looks out over rolling hills nestling a small farmhouse in the distance. The hazy horizon implies that the hills just go on forever. Jim is still using the same plein-air style that he is known for, only this time he is painting the beautiful landscapes of Italy that we would travel so far just to experience.

In addition to his trip to Italy, Wodark has been keeping busy with competitions. He was invited to the Lodge at Torrey Pines in La Jolla for an exclusive event with only 21 other painters. They were given the challenge to paint Torrey Pines State Park and Jim won 2nd place. He also participated in the SOCALPAPA competition in the Newport Peninsula, winning Best of Show, an additional honorable mention and 2nd place in the "quick-draw" challenge. He stole the show!

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