Saturday, September 1, 2007

NEW! Latest Plein-Air from Bonnie Holmes

We just received 7 stunning new paintings from Bonnie Holmes!
Cloud and Sea Series, Study No.3
12 x 16
Oil on Board

Sacred Garden Morning
12 x 9
Oil on Board

Bonnie Holmes is a local artist originally from Oakland, California. She attended Otis Art Institute on two scholarships and Chouinard Art School on scholarship. She is a member of the So. Cal. Plein Air Painters Association and the California Art Club. She has participated in the SOCALPAPA Members Show as well as the LPAPA Members Shows.

Holmes has been painting her signature soft, illuminating plein-air oils for over 15 years. She began her career painting figuratives and watercolors, but became fascinated with the natural beauty of scenery and landscapes while on a fishing trip with her husband.

Holmes is known for creating a warm feeling using a palette that shimmers like the water she so loves to paint. She uses colors not usually seen in traditional plein-air. In her new Cloud and Sea Series, Holmes uses splashes of vibrant purple with a hint of green for a cool, soothing effect. The new painting Sacred Garden Morning depicts a California mission with bricks of bright pink set before a brilliantly lit sky. Holmes's paintings are meant to display the details of a particular time of day or a certain mood of the weather. Her paintings have movement, sensuality and incredible depth.

"I am intrigued by the beauty of nature untouched by man. In this way, painters of the natural world are almost like historians...My goal is to keep the eye of a child, to train the eye to see what the average person misses."

Come visit Chemers Gallery to see Holmes's new works, or view our website:

Bonnie Holmes is an expert in beauty. In addition to creating paintings that make our souls feel beautiful, Holmes has also created a line of skin care to keep our skin beautiful, BONNIE HOLMES SKIN CARE.

Growing up in sunny California, Holmes began developing sun related skin problems in her twenties. Constantly disappointed by misleading and ineffective products, Holmes set out to create her own. Already with an extensive background in life sciences, Holmes delved into advanced esthetician training. In 1989, she debuted her skin care line, Bonnie Holmes Skin Care.

"Our formulas consider the most sensitive of skin types. No perfumes, no dyes, no animal-sourced ingredients are used. Only the purest of plant-derived ingredients have been selected...each formula addresses the correct pH range for the skin and for its usage."

Bonnie Holmes Skin Care is sold right here at Chemers Gallery! Please come visit us to purchase, place an order, or get free samples! Learn more on the Bonnie Holmes Skin Care website:

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