Wednesday, December 26, 2007

3 New Works by Jim Wodark - He's Getting Bigger

"Classic California Oak" by Jim Wodark, 48 x 36

No, we don't mean in personal girth,
but size of work and importance as an artist.

This recent plein air landscape by Jim Wodark may look familiar because it captures a large oak tree in Irvine Regional Park. The tree, featured on one of Jim's grandest paintings, has roots that extend further down into the hills, creating an opening for horseback riders and mountain bikers to ride through. The oak is also home to a colony of bees, which Jim wouldn't recommend getting too close to! Because of the massive size of the oak, he used a large canvas to create a grand statement. Plein air painters don't normally use very large canvases, but Jim's work is being requested on a larger scale. This plein air artist is venturing outside his comfort zone and is loving it.

"Apple Pie", 20 x 16

It is rare to see a still-life by Jim Wodark. Occasionally, he will see a unique composition for a still-life, but does not have his paints and brushes accessible at the time. He believes that most still-life paintings that are staged don't evoke emotions. Jim's latest still life "Apple Pie" is a unique anecdote in his personal life. The apples in the painting were hand picked by Jim and his wife to be made into a pie. Before his wife made the pie, Jim saw an unprecedented opportunity to paint a beautiful piece, which includes a bushel of apples, some salt, and sugar; the ingredients to create a masterpiece.

"Eucalyptus Glow", 16 x 22

Jim Wodark captures scenes in your own backyard and brings new light and depth to the setting with his fun and substantial compositions and skillful, fluid brushwork. His work is becoming increasingly more recognizable, as he is winning competitions such as the Redlands Plein Air Painting Competition and SOCALPAPA Newport Peninsula Plein Air 2007.

"My intention is to paint my masterpiece every time I paint a picture.
This gives me never ending room to grow and experiment with my art."

Expect to see BIG things from Jim Wodark in 2008!

Experience these works for yourself at Chemers Gallery.

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