Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Designs on Framing

At Chemers Gallery, it's all about the art, but we bet you didn't realize that we consider the framing to be a part of that! Custom framing is an art form in itself, and we strive to create just the right tone to fit not only your artwork but your life as well.

We love it when new mouldings are introduced - our imagination runs wild with the sheer scale of possibilities that open up. Over the years we've seen trends come and go and return once again. We've also seen some crazy ideas that just might work. (Remember when we brought badass to the OC??)

We're always searching for the latest and greatest trends to share with you, and we were shell-shocked with how gorgeous this one is! That's right, a veneer of mother-of-pearl shell creates soft translucence in three finishes and sizes. Available in shimmery white, champagne gold and, well, think of a glistening sea urchin for the third color! You'll just have to see what we're talking about in person. Perfectly elegant for bridal portraits and vanity mirrors and absolutely adorable for baby snaps, these frames are sure to make a splash.

Tortoise Shell
Speaking of shell, faux tortoise shell is back and better than ever! Frames like these haven't been available for about a decade, and we're thrilled to see their return. Elegant and stately, they make us think of manor homes, men's smoking rooms and natural history museums. Thoroughly suited for antique prints including botanical and Audubon style, the depth of color lends a richness to the presentation and elevates your art to the next level.
What's old is new again - the "reclaimed" wood look has been reclaimed in today's shapes and colors! Rustic with a modern twist, these beautifully textured mouldings look like they've led former lives as wine barrels, barn siding, and factory flooring. Clean lines fit in with the current feel for simple shape and form. We can see these frames on folk art and seascapes, giving a real period look to the finished product.

We've seen color remaining strong despite a 10 year hiatus, and there are some vibrantly playful frames keeping pace! New on the scene are acrylic mouldings that can be easily personalized in more than 80 colors to exactly fit your style. Choose a glossy or frosted finish in single, double and now, even triple color - patterned frames are also available! Vivid hues provide a real pop of personality.  The possibilities are endless to turn your treasures into a work of art that's as unique as you are.

Welded Steel
We continue on with our color trends
to an unlikely material for picture framing - painted welded steel! Cool and modern with an industrial edge, these new frames are surprisingly versatile, fit for anything from movie posters and abstracts to the more traditional "slice of life" and even plein air. Scrubbed & sanded antiquing keeps the look from being too finished. Available in as many color combinations as you can imagine, we dare you to try this look out! 

As a lucky-strike extra, the first 20 people who come in, even just to look, and mention this blog will get a free SoapRock!

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