Monday, March 29, 2010

We Won't Be Pigeonholed!

Flippin' A-mazing...
Who says Tustin, California is square? We only look square. Look a little closer and you'll find...
...badass at Chemers Gallery! Yeah, you read it right. Check out these new kickass frames. New hardcore frame Dzigns are created by world famous airbrush artist Dennis Mathewson with motifs of skulls, bones, gothic designs, tikis and more. Chemers Gallery is first to offer the Orange County area these sick sticks. Imagine how awesome these frames would look on airbrush paintings, gothic steampunk memorabilia, custom tattoo art or a rockstar mirror.

Know anyone who loves Hot Topic? How about Motocross or Harley bikes? Have any punk rock prom pics laying around? We can give your treasured tickets or favorite concert tee the edge it deserves with these tricked-out frames.

If sickles, blades and bones aren't your thing, there's a new line of tropical-themed and Americana frames just for you. Finished in gold, silver, bronze and black, they make a perfect statement every time.

If you've ever come into Chemers Gallery and met Karen, Cathy or Jennifer, you know we're not the types to hang out at Cook's Corner on a Sunday afternoon. We're not into extreme sports, and the body art we dig is of the jeweled, sparkly kind. But we found these extreme frames and just couldn't resist shedding our straight-laced exteriors!

We're dying to set you up with the hottest frames this side of hell!

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