Friday, December 14, 2012

The Magic of Illustration

Tomorrow is the last day our children's book illustration show will be adorning our walls - can you believe it's been only 2 weeks?? Time has just flown by!

We're still reveling in the magic of the book show and we suspect you are, too. We've found some blog lovin' and wanted to share our findings with you...

Boris Kulikov & Heather Soodak, photo from Heather's blog

Heather Soodak Illustration
Heather, a local freelance illustrator and art teacher, shares pictures with the illustrators and of their talks.

Lauren Gallegos with Chris Sheban, photo from Lauren's blog

Lauren Gallegos Illustration
Another local illustrator, Lauren shares her admiration for the work of Chris Sheban and what it's like to meet her hero.

Matt Tavares' talk, photo from Diane's blog

Out of the Paintbox
Author / illustrator Diane Browning visits us every year and writes such lovely blogs in review of our show! This year she focused on the artist talks and demos.

Are there any more blogs to share out there? 
Don't be shy - we love seeing your pictures and hearing your thoughts!  

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