Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Glass Galore!

What's clear and cool and better than ice cubes on a hot summer's day? A feast for your eyes in glass, that's what! (And ice cream...our favorites are mint chocolate chip and cardamom, in case you were curious.)

Chemers Gallery has exquisite glass to share with you from new and familiar artists located from San Francisco to Virginia, Santa Barbara to Utah. 

Daniel Scogna
Afton Mounting Fall Tree Vase by Daniel Scogna

Daniel Scogna (that's "scone-yah") is a glass master. New to Chemers Gallery, Daniel has been blowing glass since the late 1980's and holds degrees in glass from both the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Illinois State University. Delicate and sophisticated in form, Daniel's glass pieces invoke the eastern landscape and take inspiration from the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah Valley. He skillfully replicates the impressions of changing seasons, new leaves and water-rubbed river rocks in his glass vessels and sculptural pieces. Daniel has studied extensively throughout the midwest, east coast and internationally, and has taught the art of hot glass at several higher educational institutions. We're so excited to show you the latest offerings from this talented artist!

Elaine Hyde

Elliptical Luster Disc Vase by Elaine Hyde
 At last, we have new blown glass vases from Elaine Hyde! Always a crowd pleaser, Elaine's beautiful art glass shimmers and shines with iridescence. Starting her glass career at the Brooks Institute of Fine Arts in California, she went on to work and train at the Pilchuck Glass Center under Dale Chihuly during the formative years of the renowned institute. Elaine has exhibited her glass worldwide and has won numerous awards for her work. We love the colors of the glass vessels she sent us. The way the colors shift and change under different light is simply magical.  We're sure you'll agree that her vases are little treasures. 

Leona Hawks

Light Catchers by Leona Hawks
Our windows are decked out in Leona Hawks' brand-new light catchers, and our gorgeous Soaprocks are nestled in her classy soap dishes and platters! Leona is a fused glass artist based in Park City, Utah. She combines chip & dichroic glass in intriguing shapes and styles. Her glass art is perfect as a gift to a friend or to yourself and can be used in a myriad of ways. Try her concave dishes as dessert bowls for an elegant end to your meal. Why not use her platters to serve cheese and crackers on to complement your favorite wine? Give a light catcher as a fun and unique wedding present - we're sure the lucky couple doesn't have one of these on their registry! Colorful and translucent, every piece of Leona's sparks the imagination.

Birgitt Hellemann

Multi-Stripe Bracelet by Birgitt Hellemann
San Francisco glass artist Birgitt Hellemann just sent us a ton of new fused glass jewelry! Just like little pieces of candy, every bracelet, necklace and earring is yummy to look at and to wear. Birgitt uses clear, opaque and dichroic glass in her fun, mod designs in bright colors and interesting patterns. Her dichroic pieces shift colors depending on how you look at them, so every piece is versatile and unique.

Bring a little sparkle to your life with these beautifully hand-crafted glass pieces!

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