Monday, April 9, 2012

The Tremendous Talents of Two Locals

We, at Chemers Gallery, love our artists and we love it when they visit us with new work! Check out the latest from two first-rate painters.

Bonnie Holmes

Bonnie Holmes is one busy, multi-talented lady! Not only does she split her time between her native southern California and Montana, she also paints as much as she can AND she maintains her line of spa-quality skin care!

Santa Anas by Bonnie Holmes, oil on canvas board

Bonnie recently brought in 4 new seascapes for your enjoyment. These paintings are very special, full of her signature soft colors and atmospheric lighting. You can just about hear the waves crashing and smell the salt breezes. A self-professed "city girl," Bonnie was really introduced to the beauty of the great outdoors by her husband and his love of fly-fishing. Over the years she has taken classes and workshops to further her artistic development.

Bonnie Holmes Skincare

You may not know this about our Bonnie, but she's also a skilled esthetician. Her line of facial cremes, cleansers, masques and scrubs are gentle and made with natural ingredients. Perfect for pampering yourself or your loved ones, Bonnie Holmes Skincare leaves your skin feeling soft, refreshed and healthy. CLICK HERE for a full list of products and pricing.

Sycamore Trail by Jim Wodark, oil on canvas board

Jim Wodark

Another busy guy, Jim Wodark, dropped in recently, too - twice in one day! He just keeps getting better and better. Have you noticed that his colors are growing more vibrant? Jim's local landscapes and seascapes retain his signature look and style.

He frequently paints the California coastline at Laguna Beach in addition to the state's more rural terrain found in Irvine Regional Park and in our local mountains and canyons.

Jim's skill at capturing his subject is unequivocal. Up next, Jim will be turning his keen eye upon our city of Tustin to be exhibited in our upcoming Scenes of Tustin 2012 exhibit with the Tustin Art League!

Don't forget - the Scenes of Tustin 2012 exhibit with TAL and local professional and amateur artists is fast approaching! Join us for the Artist Reception on Saturday, April 28th 5:30 - 8:00pm. Stay tuned for participating artists and more!

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