Monday, March 26, 2012

Life's Little Twists

In 2009 we shook it up by bringing in a new line of frames designed with skulls, bones, sickles and blades. That's right, we brought badass to the OC! A few months later we heard from Molly in Michigan, on the lookout for a really special wedding gift:

"I found your site online, and think it may be just what I've been seeking!
My daughter is getting married in October. She and her fiance are into skulls and reptiles (this was NOT hereditary - ha!) I gather that you can make picture frames with a skull motif?"

Intrigued, we couldn't wait to write back and learn more. We sent Molly a tear sheet of the available "Dzigns" and she enthusiastically wrote back and was thrilled when we offered to get her a sample of the moulding. This is the one Molly chose:

Molly loved the smiling skulls and felt that they seemed to convey a "happy" attitude. Perfect for any happy occasion, especially a wedding, don't you think?

During the course of our emails, Molly told us all about her relationship with her daughter, Gina. Molly had Gina when she was very young, and realizing she wouldn't be able to provide her with the life she deserved, Molly made the difficult decision to give her daughter up for adoption. It was never Molly's intention to interfere in her daughter's new life, but it occurred to her a few years ago that if her daughter ever chose to look for her, she'd better do something so she could be found. Molly registered her name on a website that pairs adopted children with their birthparents and waited. And waited. Finally, after two long years, Gina happened to register herself on the same website and to her surprise was instantly matched to Molly. The pair have had an almost daily email conversation ever since.

Since Molly and Gina were put in contact with one another, they have met several times in person, even meeting members of each others families. They are friends who share the same warm and bubbly personality, definitely genetics at work!

Back to the framing...

We sent Molly a sample of her happy skulls in plenty of time for the wedding, along with another tear sheet of the additional available "Dzignes." She was even more thrilled when she saw the grinning skulls in person, and promised to keep us posted on Gina's reaction.

Wedding cupcakes - how adorable are these?

As Wedding Day came and went, we were anxious for stories and pictures, and were so excited when Molly emailed with both. She'd found a small box made of bone and placed her frame sample inside - what a perfect package!

Gina & Jeff opening the gift

Jeff looks a little puzzled

Now they see it!

Jeff, Gina and Molly

Molly introduced us to Gina who was thrilled with her wedding gift, and shares the same enthusiasm her birth-mother does. Working together through email, we helped Gina print her wedding portrait and choose a style of framing that complemented the photograph and the newly-weds tastes.

Check out the finished piece!

This design actually utilizes two frames. The black skull and bones frame has a smaller sickle and blade frame stacked inside to act as a liner. Perfect for a couple who confessed they weren't fans of mats! And what an amazing wedding photo. Doesn't it look like a black paper silhouette?

Molly and Gina's emails have always been warm, friendly and humorous, so much so that we feel we were really able to make a strong connection with the two. We are honored that they've allowed us into their lives for such a happy occasion and that they've given permission to share their story with you.

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