Monday, December 5, 2011

Thank You for Making it Our Biggest Show Ever!

Just a peek at our biggest show yet! Even after 20 years, we are still floored by the volume of art admirers and book lovers that pass through our doors for our annual Children's Book Illustration Art Show & Book Signing! Saturday's show was probably the busiest it's ever been, and we have you, our valued clientele, talented illustrators and generous volunteers to thank for it. You rock our world!

If you missed out on the big day you have until December 17th to see our walls decked out with original children's book illustrations. Your pre-ordered books are ready for you to pick up. If you still need to pick out a gift for someone, we have boxes of signed books from each illustrator for you to choose from.

Stay tuned for more pictures from the
20th Annual Children's Book Illustration Art Show & Book Signing!
Featured artists
Robin Preiss Glasser | Mary Grandpre
Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher
Raul Colon | Elisa Kleven

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