Monday, March 7, 2011

She's Oh-So-Creative!

Maria Counts has been one busy lady! We see her when she runs out of clay and makes a trip from San Diego up to Aardvark's in Santa Ana. She never fails to bring us a box of goodies like these extra-special pieces shown here. And, we just couldn't wait to share them with you!

Rabbit Girl by Maria Counts

Ever the "mad scientist," Maria is always experimenting with surprising shapes, textures and forms. She lets the ceramics speak to her and tell her their story, even if she has to wait a while before they whisper their secrets. Rabbit Girl is keeping tight-lipped for the time being, but Maria is sure to crack her code when she's good and ready. You might notice the number around her neck and wonder what that means; well, so does Maria! See if you can spot the tiny word "up" somewhere on her body. Be sure to check out Kimono Boy on our website - he's another one that's keeping mum for the time-being!

Isadora Vessel by Maria Counts

A more typical style of Maria's ceramics is this four-legged Isadora Vessel. Maria beautifully unleashes the face within the clay using glazes, stamps and cut-outs. All four sides are different and work together flawlessly. You might be familiar with Maria's teapots as well. They are all as individual as she is, with no surface left untouched by her creativity.

We have oodles of other treasures from Maria, so come on into Chemers Gallery to take a peek! If you can't make it in, just click HERE** to see it all on our website. If you'd like us to let you know when we have even more, just drop us a line using our website's brand new contact form!

**Sorry, we're having technical difficulties and can't get any links up yet! Keep checking back!

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