Monday, December 7, 2009

A Great Time Was Had By All!

Ronald Himler
Rafael Lopez
Kelly Murphy
Kristina Swarner
Lee White

Be the first to match the name to the face in this picture and win a signed children's book! Just leave us a comment with your guess!

Thank you,
thank you,
thank you!

Our 18th Annual Children's Book Illustrators Show & Signing was a huge success, and we couldn't have done it without our five talented illustrators, our wonderful volunteers from The Wooden Floor, and YOU, our fantastic clients! This year's show was the busiest we've ever had - take a look for yourself!

The 18th Annual Children's Book Illustrators Show & Signing

Illustrators busy pre-signing over 600 books before the doors opened

Our dedicated volunteers on the left

Have you ever seen such a crowd?

Karen and Julia

Lee White and Rafael Lopez

Ronald Himler's presentation

Rafael Lopez doing his demo

The Whole Gang

The After-Party With the Illustrators, The Wooden Floor, Chemers Gallery and the Clients who Purchased Original Illustrations

Renate, Rafael and Joan

Volunteers from The Wooden Floor

Kelly, Antoine, Lisa, Lee and Kristina

Jennifer, Mike, Cathy, Mark, Jennifer, Liz and Riley

Kelly and Antoine

Cathy and Mary

Lisa, Lee and Kristina

If you missed the big event, don't worry! The artwork will be on display until December 19th, and there are still loads of signed books you can pick up for that special gift to a friend, relative or yourself. If you pre-ordered books, they are ready for you!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much.


  1. On the top photo from left to right:
    Rafael Lopez
    Kristina Swarner
    Kelly Murphy
    Lee Whit
    Ronald Himler
    It was a wonderful event!

  2. Congratulations, Irina, you're our lucky winner! Come into the gallery so you can pick your signed children's book!



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