Monday, November 23, 2009

Cathy's Picks!


2009 Children's Book Illustration Show & Signing

Opening Reception December 5th, 1-5 pm
Show continues through December 19th

How can I pick a favorite? Each artist for this year's show has so many imaginative and beautiful illustrations, over 200 in total! This is going to be tough, but I'll do the best I can.

Ronald Himler, watercolor/gouache, from, Bee My Valentine

I chose this illustration because it's a lively, happy piece with so much movement. Ronald Himler's traditional style captures the gestures and expressions of children at play. This illustration is unframed, so you can choose whatever you'd like from our huge selection of frame samples. In the story, Bee My Valentine, all the children in the classroom decide to play music to cheer up their classmate, George, who didn't get enough valentines.

Rafael Lopez, acrylic, from, Book Fiesta


Who wouldn't love to spend some time wandering in Raphael Lopez's playful, and colorful paintings? I love the "out there" concept and bold composition of this illustration, created in vibrant color and rich texture. This piece is in an exquisite hand carved wood frame with a purple linen liner to compliment the vivid colors. In Book Fiesta you can read books anywhere; at the library, in the car, even in a hot air balloon with a giraffe!

Kelly Murphy, mixed media from, Dancing Matilda


Is this adorable or what? Kelly Muphy's illustrations are so full of character, painted in rich layers of color. This picture, with Matilda dressed for stardom, reminds me of every little girls dream; to be the star of the show! For this piece, we've selected an antique gold frame with a dainty leaf pattern all around, a white linen mat, and a touch of red fillet to finish it off. Matilda joyfully dances everywhere she goes, day and night in Dancing Matilda.

Kristina Swarner, mixed media, greeting card


There's a child like quality to Kristina Swarner's mixed media works that steals our hearts away. In this illustration, I like the way Kristina cleverly created a pattern in the girl's dress, making her one with the colorful field of flowers. It has a gold hand-made frame with a delicate corner design, and a soft off-white linen, which compliments the art perfectly.

Lee White, mixed media, from, Ducks Don't Wear Socks


As you can guess, Lee White's illustrations are whimsical and humorous. This one make me smile every time I see it! Maybe, because my son rides a unicycle, maybe because it's ridiculous, or maybe because it's just plain funny. It's frame fits it just right, with tiny gold swirls all around to mimic the movement of the wheel. Ducks Don't Wear Socks is full of delightful silliness that everyone seems to enjoy.

So, those are my picks. That was not easy! I suggest you come in and see these amazing works up close. Then decide which ones are your favorites!

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Cathy June Arneson


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