Monday, July 20, 2009

Refreshing New Work From Jennie Tomao

It's rare that Chemers Gallery gets new work from Jennie Tomao, but we're thrilled to have SIX new paintings from this classical artist! Jennie has applied her jewel-like pallet to the landscape, creating early-morning glows, late afternoon haze, and dreamy sunsets.

Sunset in Tuscany; Oil on Canvas by Jennie Tomao
24 x 20

Jennie's career has spanned over 50 years and she has many awards and accolades to show for it. She has painted not only beautiful renditions of the landscape, but gorgeous still life and figurative pieces as well. She is originally from New York City, where she attended the prestigious New York School of Music and Art and received an Award of Excellence from the Pittsburg Institute of Art.

Pasture and Stream; Oil on Board by Jennie Tomao
16 x 12

Jennie's landscapes, so detailed and life-like, invite you to step into her world. Pasture and Stream invokes stillness, with only the relaxing sounds of a babbling brook and birdsong to disturb the peace. Strongly influenced by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot and George Innes, Jennie paints the setting for quiet reflection.

Beat the heat and enjoy the air conditioning and Jennie's cool landscapes at Chemers Gallery!

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  1. I found two pictures in my attic. I have know idea what they are the name on them say Tomao.
    One picture is of a little boy and looks like on the left side of the picture there is the numbers 147/200 printed and then the name Tomao is printed in pencil.Same with the other picture of a little girl,the number 29/200 is printed on it. Both pictures look like they are penciled. Does any one knoe if these pictures are of any value?? thank you

  2. Edna, they are probably etchings. We really can't tell anything about them without seeing them. If you have any pictures of your two pieces, you can email to us at



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