Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Aldo Astolfi, The Language of Art

Blue Chest, Practica Jacopo Manca
Watercolor on Antique Paper

It's so easy to focus on the doom and gloom of these turbulent economic times, but we prefer to look to the positive. It was during the last downswing in the market almost a decade ago that Rita and Karen discovered Italian artist Aldo Astolfi sitting in a tiny little booth at a show in New York with his original inks and watercolors. Their exchange must have been a sight to see, because Rita and Karen don't speak much Italian, and Aldo doesn't speak English. Regardless of the spoken language difficulties, our pair of Chemers gals took the plunge and purchased three of Aldo's paintings for Chemers Gallery. Besides, this was about art, the universal visual language! The work sold before it was even put away. Rita and Karen knew they had a winner in Aldo Astolfi.

Backside of Blue Chest, Practica Jacopo Manca
Watercolor on Antique Paper

One of the many things that make Aldo's whimsical watercolors so unique is the paper they're painted upon. He uses antique papers, former ledger pages that still carry the script of someone long past. Sometimes the old inks will show through to the painted side of the image, and instead of distracting the eye, these marks only add to the watercolor.

Perfect for a personal library, bedroom or living room, Aldo's work is halting when framed. Using burl wood and faux suede matting gives Aldo's pieces a very handsome stately appeal. Contrast that with a handcarved gold or white gold frame with a silk mat and you have an elegant custom frame design.

Stack of Eight Books
Watercolor on Antique Paper

Aldo is from Santarcangelo di Romagna, close to Rimini on the eastern coast of Itay. He collects treasures from open air markets and second-hand stores that find homes in his studio and within his artwork. He is also a watercolor instructor at the Arts School of San Marino.

Let's help keep our global economy moving and support our artist community!

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