Monday, February 2, 2009

Vantage Points Through Steve Kell's Eyes

California landscape artist Steve Kell has led a colorful life. Exposed to art from an early age, he developed a love for painting and cartooning, which he cultivated into a successful career. He has a Universal Press syndicated comic strip that has appeared in over 70 newspapers across the country. Prior to his years as an artist, Steve was a full-time pilot with US Airways, logging well over 20,000 hours. He even knew Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, who's made headlines recently as the pilot who successfully brought down the US Airways jet in the Hudson River!

Quiet Creek
Oil on board

These days, Steve creates striking scenes of southern California. As a resident of the Golden State, he certainly has a plethora of sights to inspire him! His compositions are surprising, his colors are unexpected, altogether inviting to the eye. Steve imparts a freshness within his paintings, like a cool sea breeze on a warm, humid day. In Quiet Creek, you can hear the babble of the water and smell the sun-warmed grass. I love the reflection of the trees in the water, something so rare in this water-starved region.

Surf Light
Oil on board

As a response to the economic times, Steve has begun to paint on a slightly smaller scale, which means his already affordable works are even more affordable at $450 and under. Surf Light was painted on location in Laguna Beach, and illustrates a classic southern California beach scene. Vibrant and colorful, Steve has shown us the elegant beauty of the sea cliffs and the ocean.

Steve Kell is a busy man, "but my passion for painting the landscape, lugging the gear, searching for that perfect composition, now takes up most of my time. My goal is to lay something onto the canvas that embodies the spirit of the scene, as well as its beauty. A secondary goal is to keep from dropping a finished piece in the dirt and not get a parking ticket."

To view more of Steve's work on our website, CLICK HERE.

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