Monday, March 10, 2008

Stories from Gerald Schwartz

"My reason for painting is in two parts. First, the love of the medium and second the need to tell a story about the world around me." -Gerald Schwartz

Gerald Schwartz
62 x 20"

Pictured with glass art by Nina Falk

Chemers Gallery is thrilled to have received four new works by Gerald Schwartz. Photographs just don't do them justice. You really have to see these beautiful paintings in person to get the full impact of those flawless skies and minute details. Reflections is hung in our front window and just looks incredible, especially offset with glass art by Nina Falk. "Serenity" is just the word to describe the scene, especially when the sun shines in through our windows. Gerald found the original source image so compelling that he had to paint his own interpretation of it, and we're so glad he's brought it to us!

30 x 36"

Misty tells a story about the landscape after a storm. The painting draws you into its tranquility. It's an incredibly evokative painting - you can almost hear the birds twittering and smell the rain-soaked grass and feel the coolness of the air. It's so easy to place yourself within the painting and create your own story to go with it. As with all of Gerald's paintings, the details are just amazing, as you'll see in the close-up below.

"Misty" (detail)
30 x 36"

Gerald paints in a photo-realist fashion. Guests in the gallery are often stunned when they learn they're looking at a painting, not a photograph. His strict attention to detail is felt throughout his works. Every step he takes in the process of creating is inherently felt - from the layers of gesso he uses to the sanding of each layer, to the love with which he mixes his paints and varnishes. He's often said that the mixing is the best part of painting.

From lakeshores to roadsides, still life to cityscape, Gerald creates beautiful visual narratives on canvas. Although the sky serves as his daily muse, "the sky paintings are only one of many stories to be told."

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